You will see more and more local businesses these days opting for internet marketing as an alternative marketing channel for their products and services. But are these businesses making money from their internet marketing efforts? And do they have the necessary setup to track the leads and sales they generate from online marketing? SEO, the core of internet marketing, is changing rapidly, and unfortunately most businesses are lagging behind in the race to grab the limelight. After all, there is only enough traffic that the market can tap into. With each algorithmic change that Google brings, small and medium businesses lose out on potential customers and potential sales. So, to keep you updated, here are the major trend-changers that have rocked the SEO Melbourne industry:

From SEO to Content Marketing

The anchor tag has lost its flavour. That’s the stuff that’s most important now. Google’s algorithms now reflect this. Websites that focus primarily on content are at the top of SERPS, regardless of whether they are author-generated or community-generated, regardless of backlinks or PR. User-centered content focused on adding value for readers appears to be the flavor of the year. Various methods of readability are already available to measure the literary quality of material in the public domain. With Google’s vast team of engineers, a better, more accurate version of it seems quite possible.

Join hands with SEO and social media

Google first started by integrating Google+, Facebook’s answer, into its search results. Now, Google is tracking everything from Twitter Tweets to Facebook shares to understand how users view your content. Finally we expect to see social signals directly affecting search engine results with viral content at the top of Google’s SERPS.

SSL and online security become essential

As most websites turn to some form of e-commerce, the need for protection from man-in-the-middle attacks has become clear and essential. User information is the currency of the online world and hence, SSL has become mandatory for users to trust Google as well. The ‘Https’ in your website URL inspires confidence and trust, which Google considers for your SERPS.

Go Mobile ready

With over 50 billion Google searches this year, mobile has secured its place in the marketing industry today. Mobile relevance is now considered the top factor that drives SEO Melbourne ranking. Your website needs to be responsive in order to reach the first page of Google. After all, aren’t you losing sales from mobile users?

Reference vs. keywords

In 2022, Google changed the way we viewed content. Context has become a decodable asset due to deep learning technology, where computers can understand the meaning of content based on context, rather than relying on keywords. So, this is good news for forums that keep up with the conversation, but what about business websites? They should pay more attention to their blog section; Maybe add a forum to their website.

Anchor texts don’t matter

With the tremendous use of automation in the SEO Melbourne industry, anyone can rank well regardless of the content or value of the website. Well, now that will change. Google’s focus has shifted from anchor text to content, which means you need to make the linking website talk about you rather than just linking to your website. Plain old backlinks amount to nothing.

Not just text!

Google’s approach to content has changed radically. Now to get a good rank, it is necessary to have media like graphics or video in the article. When images are displayed in image search, videos are integrated with social cues to achieve better rankings. A video with a million hits is almost always at the top of the SERPS for all of its target keywords.

User behaviour has changed; And so is Google. With this in mind, SEO Melbourne experts and businesses that rely on Internet marketing as a marketing channel should update themselves with new trends and incorporate these factors into their campaigns. This is the time when SEO Melbourne and content marketing complement each other and help build the business you dream of!