We always advice people to develop a long lasting user experience that inspires them to get linked with the visitors, which in turn helps other people to get the same information that your visitors obtained from your website. The desire of the visitors is to help you as well as their friends or people whom they know to gain the useful information that they are benefitted from.

Generally to share this, visitors’ will either copy and paste your link or just share it to their facebook wall or any other social media site. Further, there are people who are just the learners in the SEO field; these people know that anchor text is the useful way to share any link with others.

And this also helps Google to take a decision as to which rank your website should get. Generally, a main keyword that directly links to your websites is helpful to Google to identify your area of specialization.

For example, if your link contains anchor text say “eCommerce development” and many of the links with the similar keyword direct to your website then Google and other search engines assume that your website relates to eCommerce development and then whosoever searches for the same word will be redirected to your website.

But, this is somewhat less beneficial to you as these anchor texts as not as optimized as needed. Even though they help you to get more traffic however proper optimization of anchor text is a must to get desired results.

So, how you will optimize them? Every worry has a solution and so we have a good technique for this as well which we have discussed in this blog especially to help our visitors and for those who own an online business, this technique is really helpful.

Optimizing Anchor Texts:

Well, we are happy to reveal this secret to our visitors. So, basically it’s all in the URL structure. It’s very important that how your website structure as well as URdL structure is designed. Very few people might be aware that site architecture really plays a major role in the field of SEO especially while optimizing anchor texts.

Site architecture is the main pillar mostly used by Google to find and index pages in your website. Let’s understand the importance of site architecture with the help of an example.
Here’s one URL: https://www.platinumseoservices.com.au/?page_id=16543. Now, what is missing here is the usage of proper keywords. URL’s the main gateways where targeted keywords must be included.

So, this URL can be optimized as: https://www.platinumseoservices.com.au/search-engine-optimisation/

Now, you can easily recognize the difference between the former and the later one. We think the later one is easily readable by the visitors. What you say?

The catch is the later one includes main keywords that describe the niche of your business as well as its category and the keywords related to the blog. This shows and is easily understandable that whosoever clicks on this link will read about “Importance of eCommerce Development”. So, in this way framing a proper site architecture or URL structure will help you to get more traffic.

Take Away:

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