We can see many blogs having no comments or very less comments. This means either the visitors have just read a little bit of the content or some have even left without reading it and some might have read it but they didn’t feel the urge to post a comment.

So, what’s that makes the visitors to comment on your blog and how can you maximize comments on your blog. Does it require any special strategy or are there any special characteristics that must be added to your blog that forces visitors to comment.

Well, we don’t know the exact or hidden truth as to why other blogs get more comments and ours sometimes lack behind. Nothing to wait much, the truth is revealed here.

Get More Comments on Your Blogs:

It is well said that if you wish to attract new visitors then you must provide a good quality content as well as render in depth information and this will tempt people to leave comments on the blog as your blog has given them something they were in need of.

Qualitative content helps to build followers especially if people who are not your relatives follow you. It is a great feeling to see people who don’t know you still follow you. But this doesn’t last for long the moment you see that there’s no interaction from the viewers in terms of any comments or sharing your content on social networking sites or liking your content.

Interaction is must from your visitors and its importance is clearly revealed here in terms of getting more comments on your blog as well as how significant these comments?

  • Importance of Blog Comments: In every sector of life, first impression is really importance and it makes all the difference yet while commenting on a blog very few people love to be the first commenter and bother to comment where no one else has done yet.On the other hand, there are such blogs that receive enormous comments and so people get easily inclined towards those blogs as most of them love to join the ongoing discussion. So, the main focus is to increase number of visitors from 25 to 250.
    Here’s how we can do that:
  • Drive More Blog Comments: One of the best ways to get more comments is to make commenting very interesting as if it is a yummy chocolate that everyone wants. This means make commenting easy for viewers and avoid conditions such as log in and Sign up to leave a comment.Yes, we definitely understand that this is needed to save your blog from spam comments but there are many more ways through which spammers can be kept away. This we will discuss later on as today we are solely focusing on making commenting as easy as drinking tea.Use options such as face book comments and WordPress comments that make posting comments very easy. One more thing you can do is to involve your audience by asking them to leave a comment if they really find it valuable. This is important as some won’t post a comment if not asked. Make commenting a game which is really fun to play.


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