Digital marketing is widely used by people in today’s online business world. People make most use of digital marketing to promote their products and services. However, there are certain golden rules or we can say tips which if used can lead to the proper use of digital marketing.

These golden rules are revealed here in today’s blog from Platinum SEO; Best SEO Melbourne in the form of amazing digital marketing statistics.

Amazing Digital Marketing Statistics:

  1. Most of the search queries are more than 4 words: The keywords or we can say terms used by people for searching about any topic on the internet are sometimes short and sometimes too long like a question.

    So, while optimizing keywords; digital marketers go for most popular search terms instead of identifying what actually their customers are searching for. Here, the problem is with the marketers as they don’t communicate properly with their marketing team.

    The support team is the direct line to the customers. It is advisable to use various tools like as Quora to know what type of questions are most popular and how much are you willing to answer that question?

    Bottom line: It is important to think about different phrases and questions that can occur in the mind of viewers regarding the service or product you are dealing with. Only competitive keywords are not useful.

  2. Leaky landing pages, the reason of lead loss: What are these leaky landing pages? This simply means that instead of redirecting your visitors to the website; just simply compel them to directly get in touch with you via call.

    Hence, Call buttons are successful here. These are the most useful tools to transform visitors into customers. So, redirect your customers directly to you the seller instead of your website.

    This strategy of using Call only buttons is widely useful and is put into action by well known Internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

    Call Only Buttons

    This image will show you how Call buttons can boost the lead generation:

    Bottom line: Prefer to use phone calls more than website visits.

  3. Click to call Commerce will generate double revenue in 2019 as compared to $1 trillion in 2015: This digital marketing statistics proves the above statement true where phone calls are preferred the most rather than website visits. Phone calls from mobile phone search engine ranking pages are going to be more important.

    This means that whatever search campaigns you are using; they all must compel users to call you and then these calls must be tracked to know how much value they bring to the business.

  4. Get mobile visitors converted, is it that easy!: Transforming visitors into customers is a difficult task as assumed by all. Generally, marketers get tired often using various strategies to convert the visitors.

    And not every firm has sufficient budget to use constant trial and error methods. So, what is the solution to this problem?

    Digital marketing survey shows that the use of words like urgent, discount, buy, purchase, quickly, hurry and other such similar keywords tend to compel buyers to take action. So, one can use such words in their own digital campaign.

    Bottom line: Keep on enhancing the performance of your mobile strategies and if needed try to modify them as this will make it easy for people to bid using their mobile devices. The low competitive keywords can be used for desktop while will be helpful to boost the visibility.

  5. Nearly 86% of time is spent in mobile apps: Just think what you do when you take your mobile device in your hand, you will tap on any of the mobile apps and then start surfing its features, learning how to use it and more.

    As per the recent mobile app statistics, it is revealed that marketers spend most of their time in optimizing mobile sites while this should be spent on marketing apps.

    Let’s say your app is downloaded by any customer then this can be a chance to make him/her a loyal customer. This means you must have a strategy which boosts the customer loyalty by using a direct marketing channel. As per the data, apps have driven the revenue of up to $5.6 billion.

    Bottom line: The top priority should be to market your own company’s app instead of just focusing on mobile web. Develop a strategy to get more traffic via Facebook app links, Twitter cards as well as Google App Index.

  6. Location based coupons are more preferred: There are various types of mobile searchers such as some of them are bored, some need research, some are desperate and some are needy.

    Those who are needy are in search of discount coupons the most especially for purchasing from in-store. They are in search of such tag lines “Show this to avail discounts”. Such coupons can lead to huge increment in the revenue.

    So, it is advisable to use coupons as well as in store deals on mobile apps to boost visits and conversions as quickly as possible.

  7. Consumers conduct research in the stores: So, before actually purchasing the products what consumers do in your store? They read product reviews. Yes, product reviews are considered as personal recommendations.

    They want to know how others feel using the product they are going to buy. So, for digital marketers it becomes the mandatory task to display product reviews in such a way that visitors are easily able to find it.

    Retail business owners must have at least 50 product reviews listed on anyone of the Google approved review site so that these will be easily displayed in the advertisements.

    Bottom line: If your product is rated positively by people already using it, then the chances of increase in sales of that particular product are more. Hence, try to display reviews in any easy format so that viewers can easily find it on your website.

  8. Wind Up:

    So, this was the entire post stating the current prevalent digital marketing statistics which if adopted can change the face of the business. Boost your revenue using them. For more such updates, tips and tricks; stay tuned with us.