Holidays are the peak time to increase sales; this is one of the biggest advantages of holidays. On the other hand, this increases competition among the marketers. This is the main drawback of holiday season.

Small Budget Management Tips

Here, in this blog post; you will come to know about some marketing tips which will help you to get most out from your Christmas sale and that too within a specific budget. We have laid complete focus on Search Marketing as it has the higher potential of generating the best ROI.

Marketing tips for generating Best ROI during Holidays:

Always select the words carefully and make sure that the ad wish reveals only those searches that are meant only for those people who are searching for things that are similar to the ones you sell. Relevant searches should not be there on your list.

You must always think of budget allocation from such people who are definitely going to purchase your products. Holiday season is very well known for boost in searches. Hence, there are very less chances of search history being exhausted.

Most important: Avoid using One Word Keywords as this fall under too generic category and reduce the chances of getting potential buyers.

Keep in mind the “Broad” match type and you really need to maintain your keyword list as targeted as possible. Think of this: Google should not show those ads that it thinks are relevant to you instead you must have complete control over the keywords and the ads must be displayed based on those keywords only.

This is one of the reasons to clearly understand broad match type. Another limitation of broad match type is that the bid you placed on target keyword is actually the bid which system relates to all the keywords that is finds similar. Again here, you lose control over searches.

“Retouch all of your negative keywords” this is yet another way to filter your keywords and ensure that all the ads will show on the most relevant searches. Negative keywords have the power to attract users.

One can make use of “Google’s Keyword Planner to identify the most common search patterns related to your industry. These negative patterns must be added as negative keywords.

Negative keywords also have various match types. Let’s say if you find a word which represents a goal that is not relevant to you like for example: if you are offering “free” product then it is not to be displayed in search results.

Here, “free” is a negative keyword. So, join this with the exact Phrase match type and this will be like no search related to “free” keywords will trigger your ads.

Make most use of “Call Only Campaigns”, In such campaigns you must mention “Call Only” and these are targeted to those devices which can make outgoing calls. Those who will click on such ads will call your number instead of getting redirected to a landing page.

Most of the business is Call oriented and it has a high sale rate. But always use scheduling in case you don’t want to receive calls during certain hours of the day. Another useful technique is “Radius Targeting”, if your business is local business and you want to show ads only to those people who are near it in a specific radius then this can be easily done via campaign’s settings.

Select “Locations” in Settings and then go to Edit, Now click on Advanced Search in the top of the right box. Here, the second tab is “Radius Targeting”. Just Enter the Centre point and radius in miles, kilometres that you wish to target around.

Next is Ad extensions, always ensure that every ad extension can be utilized to an extent. These are useful to CTR and the amount of information in your ads. The same effort must be given to write your ads.

Develop Ad extensions as per the holiday like as “Christmas oriented Ad extensions”. These can be stopped simply once the holiday is over. Add Christmas Spirit to your ads and ensure to refer to the pains of holiday shopping with a solution.

Make use of “Countdown” feature in your ads. This means add a countdown to your ad. It is very popular to increase CTR. The “how to use tool” has very simple instructions. Just type a curly braces {} and you will see a drop down menu.

Now select the “Countdown” from the menu and then follow the necessary instructions. Your website must have that Christmas cheer; paint something in red and green colours. This can be done easily in any of the image editing softwares.

Wind Up;

Hope this blog post will be useful to you to make more sales during Christmas. For more such tips and guidance related to Search marketing, get in touch with Platinum SEO; a well known firm offering Adwords services in Melbourne.