Google has made some huge changes in its website ranking. As a result, big firms will now have to reframe their SEO strategy. In order to make this reframing task easy, we have revealed here a SEO approach that is very well adopted by experts.

Let’s take a look at this new approach:

  1. New approach to Keyword Research: Keyword research is an art and nearly 70% of searches are for keyword synonyms and not for exact keywords. Google must identify these keywords and then understand its proper use so that these can be used at the right place.

    Google is now focusing more on user intent instead of the keywords used for searching a particular thing. For several enterprise companies; SEO experts have to work closely with the editorial board in order to prepare important topics and themes which are relevant to the interest of the audience.

  2. Using new content rules: Developing SEO content is like using the same age old practices. It is necessary to update them as per the Google’s expectations. Optimal content can be written only when writers are aware about the latest rules of content writing.

    Content Rules

    The factors that affected content writing in 2015 were clearly stated by Search metrics. Some of these factors are word count, keyword distribution, internal links as well as the use of head and meta tags.

  3. Deal with the user experience imperative: Another major area that influences Search is user experience. Cross platform compatibility as well as site speed are shown here to affect the search rank.

    However, several enterprises will also have to concentrate on certain hints like as proper content structure as well as useful internal linking. Previously, optimizing for search engines was like conflicting goals.

    Google has now left towards bridging that gap. This encourages teams to examine all the factors that make an impact on how users easily interact with the website as well as content and it will be valuable for both.

  4. Getting enthusiastic about Public relations: Various link building strategies like as listing the site on web directories, posting links on Web 2.0 sites and giving links in comments etc are outdated strategies that were used to get ranks.

    Instead, now days if such links are used then it can lead to penalties in Google search. This means the value of legitimate high quality citations has increased than before. So, it is important to have few people who are regularly reaching out to publishers as well as influencers in your industry.

    This helps to develop relationships and earn high quality links via valuable mentions and citations on their platforms. Well searched content, list posts and why posts all are likely to get large number of natural citations as well as social shares.

  5. Going Local: When your business operates at national or international level then it is necessary to consider the importance of local search optimization. Local search results usually are on the top.

    Hence, if your business has no local presence then it is likely that it won’t rank high in search results. It is advisable to hire someone internally or externally in order to update and maintain local listings on the website as well as on third party platforms like as social media or review sites.

  6. Developing a social media empire: Developing social presence is one of the useful marketing strategies but now Google has started taking social signals for search ranks. But the number of social signals on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are correlated with higher rank position in Google.

    For enterprise business; this means developing a social media empire over all relevant platforms and then allocating each task to a separate team has become more important than ever before. This is not only for creating brand awareness but also for staying competitive in search.

Wind Up:

2016 is very near and in this New Year; all new data will throw light on certain SEO factors that your business must focus on. One of the most important things is to keep up with the research and actively distribute new knowledge to important team members throughout the company.

Hope your preparations for enterprise level SEO strategy are going good. Let us know how you are doing it? Wish to get more suggestions? Then get in touch with Platinum SEO; SEO experts in Melbourne.