LinkedIn, a Social media networking site for professionals where people can find jobs, get in touch with like – minded people and more. It has 329 million members and everyone gets equal opportunities.

Several industry specific groups are available where people can get connected with each other. Apart from just becoming a great networking tool, it serves to be a perfect platform for B2B social media marketing.
A complete professional environment is maintained on LinkedIn and so people make many mistakes while using this social networking site. Hence, here we have highlighted some common mistakes that occur while using LinkedIn which must be actually avoided:

Common Mistakes to be avoided when Using LinkedIn:

  • Completely Avoiding LinkedIn: It’s a big mistake to avoid LinkedIn. The reason nearly 68% businesses, firms use social media sites to hire professional talent. LinkedIn is also used by professionals to search for well known firms where they can work.
  • Have a Complete Profile: First impression is the last impression. So, in order to create positive impression it’s necessary to have a full fledged profile. In spite of being just an online resume, the LinkedIn Profile is a place where you can define your expertise as well as showcase your personality effectively.

    It’s a platform where you can display your work experience, portfolio, your passions, hobbies, interests and more. This means it’s a place where you can explain yourself as well as your talent in a perfect manner.

    Your profile should clearly reveal your ownself and also your professional experience as well as how you can help your future clients.

  • Avoiding Groups: A great to connect with like minded people is to join with the groups of industry professionals and reveal your thoughts, suggestions and stay updated about latest news and trends. This helps to increase your connections.
  • Only including your content in the Groups: After joining any group, you are the member of it and it is a community. Hence, it is necessary to post or comment on other people’s content as well rather than just publishing your content.

    So, follow the 80/20 rule and make sure that 80% of posts are relevant to the topics discussed in your group and 20% posts are of your own interest.

  • Not Using it as a Business Development Tool: LinkedIn serves to be one of the important business tools. It can be used to drive more traffic to the website by sharing relevant content and set up your profile as a valuable source.

    To avoid this mistake, focus on making stronger relationships and then slowly start developing trust in minds of people. This will help you to create a good impression in the minds of people.

  • A simple Company Page is not enough: Yes, it’s equally important to create a perfect company page as it is to create your own profile page. You can even showcase pages as a means to quickly organize your information.

    Make people aware about your presence on LinkedIn and motivate them to like your page so that they can stay connected with your firms’ updates. Your company’s LinkedIn profile is a strong recommendation of your company on the internet.

    Wind Up:

    Avoid these simple looking yet important mistakes in order to make most use of this professional Network and try to use it to an extent so that it can be used properly to showcase your business’s expertise on the internet.

    Every social media site has its own benefits, try to learn and know them and then use them accordingly to get better advantage of it. To know more about knicks and knacks of every social media site, stay connected with Platinum SEO, one of the popular SEO Agencies Melbourne.