Social media marketing is one of the SEO techniques adopted by most of the companies. Organizations are happy using various social media tools, but the amazing thing is that only 40% companies use these tools to interact with customers.

Then, how’s is it possible to be social if social media tools are not used for the actual purpose. So, here we have listed some of the facts about social media and customer experience that will ease in taking a perfect decision whether social media tools really serve customers in a perfect way or not.

Facts about Social media related to Customer Experience

  • 50% of customers expect reply within 30 minutes once they contact any company via social media.
  • 50% customers expect reply during weekends or at night during business days.
  • And the reality! The average response time of top US retailers was 24 hours on face book, 11 hours 15 minutes on Twitter.

This shows that we are still lacking appropriate customer response time. Customers assume social media to be a mode of effective and quick response that leads to excellent customer service while the truth is absolutely the opposite.

Business RelationshipThis shows that retailers are not even worried about giving response to their customers. It is noted that only 30% customers get their problem perfectly solved via social media. One of the reasons may be companies don’t take complains on social media seriously as there are chances of getting fraud complains.

Now, if this assumed then chances are such that social media tools don’t work as effectively as they should be. If this is the situation in developed countries like United States and what it will be in the developing countries like India? I think here hardly 10% customers or even less might be getting responses from social media. This is one of the matters to ponder over.

Not responding to customers via their selected media can leave a negative impression on their mind and as a result they may not wish to carry business relationship ahead. So, how this problem can be solved? How smooth customer relations can be built via social media?

Maintaining Smooth Customer Relations via Social Media

In order to make social media communication effective, companies have to keep their marketing and customer support communication different on social networks. That means on Marketing page, complains can’t be solved and on Support page, product can’t be sold.

For that, a separate twitter handle must be developed. For e.g.: @hootsuite_help. Such twitter handles will allow companies to quickly respond to the customers within the stipulated time frame. So, now whenever any company gets queries from their customers they can reply to them by such twitter handles. One of the important things to provide perfect customer service can be to create your own tool that renders proper service and maintain positive customer relations.

Wind Up

So, now hope our readers have learnt to maintain customer relationships and make most of their social media tools as well as marketing strategies. To know more about effective use of social media marketing, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, Professional SEO Melbourne.