Android has highest customer database and on the other hand, even though iPhone is costly it is more in demand. More and more people are switching from Android to iPhone.

Are you the one who is among those who wish to shift from Android to iPhone? Do you want to know the entire process? Then this blog post will serve as a perfect guide for you.

Here, we will explain the procedure with examples of Samsung Galaxy S5 and new iPhone 6S. This will help you to understand the process in a better manner. Yes, it’s true that Apple has slow sales growth and it relies on those who are willing to give up Android and switch to iPhone that cost more than $400.

Apple, last year was amazed to see the boost in number of Android Switchers. This is one of the huge opportunities for Apple. Transferring from high end Android Phones to Apple iPhone is like moving to a different unknown city from your native place.

Shift from Android to iPhone

You will find different milestones, different customers, different choices etc. It’s just a simple process of transferring data from old phone to the new ones. Then, reinstall the favorite apps.

Then customize the settings for various features such as ringtones, notifications and then get adapted to the changes that you find in your new device. Apple offers a detailed guide as well as special app to all those who face difficulty in shifting from Android to Apple.

Apple retail stores provide perfect assistance and 90 days of free telephone support to all those who need help in migrating to iPhones.

“There are lot of things that you might have to go through. Some of these may be valuable to you while some may not be available”- a review by one of the tech news site that deals with phone reviews and frequently publishes reviews about Android – iPhone switch. A layman will really find it confusing and frustrating.

Here, we have listed some issues that you may face during the process:

  1. Data Transfer: Smart-phones are used for business. There are apps that can be useful in the process. Apple’s “Move to iOS” app is used at the most. This is to be downloaded in your Android Phone (here Samsung Galaxy S5) and then both the phones are to be paired.

    What’s the issue? – Application may get stuck in the middle of data transfer process and then it will freeze.

  2. Verizon Cloud: This has its own method of data transfer however one cannot directly synchronize both the phones. First of all, the entire data backup is to be taken to the cloud and then the data is to be downloaded in iPhone.

    Direct synchronization between the devices is impossible.

  3. Apps: Certain apps are to be manually reinstalled whereas popular apps like as Facebook, Uber and Amazon can be found easily. Certain apps may not be available for iPhone and hence you might have to go for replacement.

    On the other hand, one can also communicate with friends and family using FaceTime – Apple’s video chat service and also take a look at missed issues of New Yorker while commuting at a longer distance.

    This was much harder to do in Android.

  4. Look and Feel: One of the main differences between the two is the level of conformity that is available by each company. Here, personal preferences play an important role in customer satisfaction.

    Apple has great control over the look, feel as well as features of iPhone so that it can deliver its idealized version. Android, on the other hand; is the free form and is adaptable and its look and feel varies widely from that of Apple.

Take Away:

Apple iPhone is more stable than Android. Android users frequently suffer from hardware and software issues as well as app crashes and this hardly happens in iOS. Defaults cannot be changed in iPhone whereas this can be done in Android.

So, if you are thinking to switch from Android to iPhone then this will be a perfect guide for you.