With the use of well structured paid search account; writing a relevant ad copy must be one of the easiest things to fulfill. You must always have a set of keywords in mind on which you are bidding and then you can try to include the ones with higher volumes.

Ad Copy
Ad copy can help you to boost sales. Here, we have mentioned some of the ways through which you can write a better Ad copy for Paid search:

  1. Your Ad copy must be competitive as well as must meet customer needs: What is competitive edge? When you are fighting for even a single click with several organizations and on the other side, solving customer’s problem; both tasks done at the same time in a single click.Also, convey your story to ensure that customer knows that they will easily get the answer the moment you click the advertisement.
  2. Call to Action: It’s okay if any one clicking on your advertisement is redirected to a web page where action is to be taken. This can be anything like as any special offer or sale which is being run or has simply the broad action that you expect from them to take such as “ sign up “ or “Download Now”.Here, there’s very less chance for miscommunication as well as advertiser intent. Just be straightforward with your loyal customers, always reveal the truth and hence conversion rates will increase.Know about the goals of your customers and create sense of urgency. People must be aware that they are being redirected to page to complete offer and hence there will be very limited chance of miscommunication as well as advertiser intent.
  3. Making proper use of Ad extensions: This is an easy way to get maximum SERP visibility and boost CTR of the ads. When it comes to Ad extensions, it is advisable to use them to convey maximum information about organization, product or service.Within few characters, ad extensions are a great way to tell more of the story.
  4. Adding Dynamic Keywords: With Dynamic Keywords, one can easily improve the relevancy of ad copy just by entering search query in a particular area within your ad. When used correctly, this technique can actually improve CTR.
  5. Testing the components of Ad Copy: Make sure to test your AD copy and always running variations against each other. It is advisable to maintain standard A/B testing practices as well as only test single element.Testing ensures that your advertisements are always fresh and optimized in order to boost user experience.

Take Away:

So, with these tips and tricks; one can make most use of an Ad copy and boost sales. We are sure that this blog post will help to create a better Ad Copy that can help to boost sales.

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