At Present, the way we look at Global politics is really out of date. Military might and power of nation states is not what they used to be and today it is most about who is the most connected one.

In 21st century, the meaning of power is completely different then it was decades ago. Military might, territory and physical borders often are not as important as trade partnerships, resources as well as infrastructure.

As compared to US, China has paltry military and even then it is number one trade partner of twice as many countries. Our logic of what constitutes power changes completely.

It is not who rules the territory, rules the world. It’s who rules the supply chain. Most powerful players in the system are not those that are necessarily with large militaries and nuclear weapons or largest populations. It’s the one that is most connected.

Regions are defined by natural resources. Khanna’s new book offers theories via weaving history, anecdotes as well as political and economic analysis. It is full of fascinating maps that lay out new reality.

Strength Of Google Maps
Transportation, energy as well as communication infrastructure are three areas where connectivity matters the most. The book “Mapping the Future of Global Civilization” is the one that contains maps which have the reality.

Today, postmodern geopolitics where geography is no longer destiny but connectivity is. Here, we have listed some of the maps in the slideshow where several elements make up the thesis.

Connectivity actually facilitates migration forces and trade that shape today’s society and superpowers. Urbanization is the most powerful, organic as well as voluntary force in today’s world.

We must also include right wing politicians in United States as well as Europe that grow in popularity in reaction to refugee crisis as well as rise of “stateless” powers where a group includes ISIS as well as large corporations which move their jobs away from Western Nations in today’s globalized economy.

Globalization is now the main reality hence immigrants will come. What is completely wrong is the view that one doesn’t get directly benefitted from integration and connectivity.

American political system is at fault for not adapting the advantage of these forces by constantly retraining workers in new skills and offering incentives for companies. America today is lacking federal worker programme while other countries have the same.

One doesn’t have to bother whether globalization is good or bad but it is put in the terms that can be understood by anyone.

These are seven maps that can help to talk about Global Politics:

  • Google Street view map
  • Super continent maps with modern day borders
  • Pink maps that show the countries invaded by British
  • Maps showing countries that don’t use metric
  • Then there are maps that show countries offering maternity leave
  • Maps showing countries where Macdonalds is available
  • Maps showing busiest air travel routes
  • Maps showing Antartican Time Zone

And lots more are to be used to understand Global Politics.

Take Away:

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