Today, responsive website is in great demand. However, very few people are aware of some of the easiest ways to create it. We can see various platforms offering the services for creating responsive web design.

Now days, the way websites and webapps are created these days, the new web design tools play an important role here. The ultimate aim is to create interactive designs that can be easily viewed on all types of devices thus offering picture perfect experience.

Today, it has become mandatory for every business owner to have responsive website and there are some of the best web design tools that make this task easy. This means with very few hassles; one can get a complete enchanting attractive responsive web design ready and that too with very less coding knowledge.

Individual web designers now are not in need to learn coding or solely depend on web developers as these websites create W3C standards compliant code with clean markup. Designers only have to make use of drag and drop tool to create responsive websites.

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Gone are the days when teams of designers used to sit together to discuss about website theme. Now, everyone is so occupied with some or the other tasks that they get very less time to actually see its results.

Due to these reasons; modern website creation tools combine features that bring all the teams together irrespective of where they are. This means designers from anywhere in the world can sit and discuss on the theme, or same website.

So, here are some of the web design tools that can be used to create an Amazing responsive web design:

a) Web Flow:
It is one of the useful tools developed by Vlad Magdalin and its two other partners. It was first released in 2013. It is cloud based software that works as a service platform for developing professional responsive websites with simple to use drag and drop tools.

From its release till now, this tool has become well known in the world of website building software tools. It also offers features to easily create multi browser compatible responsive websites.

Using this tool, one can also generate W3C Complaint HTML5 and CSS3 with a very clean mark-up. It becomes easy for web designers to work with each other across different locations using Webflow.

With all said, this is a perfect tool for developing responsive websites and today it is being used by well known corporate houses like Box, IBM, HP, Hitachi and MTV. You can try out this tool for free.
b) Macaw:
This project was funded by more than 2000 backers and was released in month of March 2014. It is really an aggressive one. Within few months, Macaw is in competition with best in class responsive web design tools that have drag and drop features for developing professional responsive websites.

Macaw is one of the powerful real time engine, named “Stream” that is used to create responsive layouts is out of the box feature and you don’t need to think while working in Macaw.

It features a sophisticated design to code engine known as Alchemy that develops clean and usable HTML as well as CSS from responsive design. Macaw is considered to be a well known web design editor where the code can be drawn instead of writing it.

This is available as a package that can be installed on Mac or Windows.
c) Squarespace:
Yet another useful tool used to develop websites and it is a unique tool that complies with current web design trends. It competes with new age tools like Webflow and Macaw.

Developed back in 2004 by Anthony Casalena; it is available as a cloud software as a service platform and today it has grown gradually and naturally where now it offers blogging platform, hosting services and also several website creation tools.

You can begin with its 14 days free trial and make most use of its free to use enchanting website templates. Free plans can be upgraded on monthly basis.
d) Homestead:
Responsive website has now become the most wanted one. It is a complete set of tools and services that can be used to easily take your business online on the internet.

It provides website creation tools as well as hosting services. Developed back in 1996, it still goes hand to hand with recent website development tools. So, for those who lack coding knowledge, this one is a perfect responsive web design development tool.
This is yet another website builder that offers a complete range of “Do it yourself” website development tools and it will soon be upgraded with new tools. It is operated outside United States and slowly businesses have started using it for creating responsive websites.

Till now, in total almost 255k websites are developed using Try out its free version today.


I think after knowing about these many web design development tools and yes there are few more available in the market; it will now become easy for you to develop responsive websites.

But still, if you need the touch of an expert then feel free to get in touch with expert website designers at Platinum SEO.