Google Adwords is one of the well known sources for online businesses to generate revenue. Recently, a new update was announced by Google that it will now automatically apply recommended bids when setting up categories in Adwords dynamic search ad campaigns.

This is sometimes a bit terrifying but before you lose control and can still override the automated recommended bids while setting up new categories. This is one of the pretty ways to quickly get lot of DSA categories running.

Let’s say; you have four categories of Shoe-wear say Sandals, Running shoes, loafers and flip flops then you no longer have to manually set the bids for every category. Just adjust the recommended bids or leave the field empty and then the groups’ default bid will be applied.

The bid recommendations are based on performance of your existing keywords which target similar search queries. So, just review your bid recommendations before launching a new campaign; the fact that recommendations are based on your own account activity means you must at least have a good starting point.

You have the opportunity to review everything and then adjust any bids that are not arranged properly before they go live. Accounts with sufficient data will only be able to see bids recommendation.

Google Adwords Management

If we take the example of this ad given in the image then it is about creating a Campaign for shoes. The type of ad is to be selected; here it is Dynamic Search ads. Then later on; a name is to be given to this ad group.

Ad group contains one or more related keywords. Then, it will have dynamic ad targets. You will the list of target categories based upon the keywords and then you can choose the one that suits your product.

Against those categories; you can see the bid rates. These are auto suggested by Adwords and then if you agree to the bid rate you can proceed ahead or else you can edit it as per the need. In short, now manual editing is removed and automation has taken place in Adwords. Yes, always you can switch to manual bids when necessary.

How useful is it?

Automation is useful to save time and efforts as the suggested bids are quickly available and hence you don’t have to take much time. This way Google helps you to conduct your business online. Start ups or beginners may find difficult to use it. However, with the help from Adwords; it will be much easier later.

Try out this new update and see its result; let us know how bids are useful to you? How much profitable they are and what are your views about the same? Will you recommend it to anyone else?

Take Away:

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