We all now are habituated to use Google Maps either to get directions or to find locations. Recently, people found that it is also good at predicting traffic. No here, we don’t mean about the SEO traffic; here we actually mean about the road traffic.

This means whenever you are searching for a location or any direction at that time these maps show you how much traffic that particular route has and what’s more it also provides you an alternate route the one that has less traffic.

So, now travelling has become a lot easier than ever. It comes with a robotic voice which redirects you to take surface roads instead of selecting those routes where there’s lot of traffic. It is one of the fastest ways.

However, Google knows in advance about the traffic jam on the highway and hence it helps out in offering alternate routes and when the highway is clear; Google will ask you to get back on it. This means you just have to drive without worrying how you will reach to the destination because now Google is there to make you reach safely at the place you want.

This leads to complete satisfaction and relaxation as now your time is not wasted and you can easily reach to your destined place. So, how is Google Maps able to do all this? How can it predict heavy traffic?

Traffic Prediction@ Google Maps:

The reason this app is able to give such accurate information about traffic is because there are millions of people around who provide real time data to Google which it uses to examine traffic and road conditions.

Every iPhone which has Google Maps open and all android devices that have location services on send some sort of data to the Google about that particular location or place. This helps company to examine the number of cars and how quickly they are running on the road at particular point of time.

Android Google Maps

Various other popular mapping apps like as Apple Maps, Waze, Nokia’s HERE Maps and MapQuest all provide traffic information but the advantage Google has is the maximum number of people who use it as well as the amount of data it has.

Over the last few years, Google has developed a history of traffic that is usually there on particular roads during certain particular times. This means it can easily predict how traffic will change your drive as there might be traffic around 60 miles ahead of where are you right now. The same traffic can get lapsed within an hour when you come back.

Android Google Maps:

It is not about the current traffic but it is everything about how we expect things to get changed within an hour. Google Maps includes various data like as traffic reports, incident data, accident reports from a well known navigation app called Waze.

Waze was purchased by Google for more than dollar one billion in 2013. Waze gets all these information from users that report various things like road accidents or traffic jam. Google gets such information from local departments of transportation.

The Google’s database of historical traffic data helps to app to offer an alert when the traffic is worse or better than the normal ones. It shows how accidents and slowdowns affect traffic on various roads in different parts of the world.

It also shows you if the traffic jam is there or not and whether it will add five minutes to trip or 10 minutes or more. This smartness helps you to get a perfect estimate of how much delay your trip can make. This will help you to anticipate how traffic can change.

Google Maps can also show when there’s marathon in your city as at that time crowds of people are moving faster and this can result into traffic chaos.

The main aim of Google maps is to provide confidence to people that the way shown by Google Maps is the best way. Recently, Google maps added explanations to this as to why it provides you a certain route.

It is necessary to trust that app because there’s a good reason why Google tells you to avoid one route and choose the other. In case you are on the fastest route and there’s heavy traffic on the same then also Google will show you that it is the best way.

The overall motto behind this is to realize people that they are on the smartest fastest route and are moving faster.

Wind Up:

So, next time you feel like you are stuck into traffic then get guidance from Google Maps. Hope this blog post will be useful to you. If you have any more updates about Google Maps then do share them with us.

You can also take a look at how you can use Google Maps when there’s no Phone service. Stay tuned with us for more of such information and updates about Google.

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