During holidays, we love to travel and visit new places. But sometimes, we plan to visit any store and when we go there; we find ourselves in front of a closed store. This sometimes disappoints us and spoils our good mood.

To avoid such situations, Google has come up with a new feature “holiday Hours” which is added to the Google Maps as well as it search function. So, from now on if the store you are going to visit is closed for the holidays then in the next seven days; the app will alert you for the same.

And if the holiday hours are not listed then Google will alert you that the hours you have might not be advertised. So, if you wish to search for what is open during holidays then just search for that place and if the holiday hours are available then you will be able to see that place.

This will also show whether a business will have a special schedule for an upcoming holiday within the next seven days. It will save you time as you don’t have to call them to check whether they are available or not.

And this will avoid you to visit a store that is not open. In case a business has not updated its holiday hours then you may get a message stating that holidays may affect the business hours and at such times you can call them to ask whether they are available or not.

A new “Open Now” Feature:

In case you are viewing the maps on the holiday itself then it has a feature called “Open Now” which helps you to find only those store that are open. These updates are also useful on a global level and hence you will be able to find the holiday hours for all places irrespective of where you are.

This means if you are in United States and want to go to any store then their holiday timings will be covered too. Further, sitting in any corner of the world you can also get to know about the holidays of other countries.

New Feature Holiday Hours

So, now you can avoid that common holiday mistake with the help of Google Maps and Google Search. From now on, if you will search for any business and if any major holiday is within next seven days then you will be able to find whether the business has a special schedule or not.

This will save your time as you will not have to call that business to check whether it is working or not. But again, it’s our mind; we can also call to cross check who knows it may be open!

This Open Now feature is used to find a nearby coffee shop, restaurant or bakery that is available during holidays.

Wind Up:

Now get ready to use these features; for more such updates stay tuned to Platinum SEO; Local SEO Melbourne. Let us know how this blog post was useful to you.