It is quite common to see people saying that words like ‘search engine marketing’, ‘search algorithms’ and ‘search engine optimisation’ are quite confusing and sounds very technical to understand. Yes! They are when you see it just at the surface level. However, once you have decided to grasp what is really happening with these search engines, then it is not a difficult task to perform. Here we are trying to explore a bit on what happens between a user and this so-called search engine when you hire experts for SEO Service Melbourne.

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SEO at surface level:

Have you ever thought what happens when a searcher tries to get an information by typing certain words on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

This process can be distinguished by two different stages.

  • In stage one, search engines collect data which is similar to that of the words typed by the searcher.
  • In stage two, search engines also calculate user experience on the sites displayed on the result page.

All these technical processes are happening at the backend and the desired results are brought out within no time for the users to explore. When we see from the surface level, this is all we can understand. But when you indulge more in it, you will be surprised to know about the simple yet diligent work functions behind the scene.

SEO at a deeper level:

So, what really happens between a user types his queries and the results obtained on the search page?

Info 1: When a searcher types his query, the search engine collects data that are similar or relevant to the query. The data collected and produced as results are nothing but the websites that contain information about the query.

Info 2: Data which are in a search by the search engines can be words present as content in the web page of any particular site or could be the words on the title of the content, or the words on the URLs or words in the links that are included in the website.

Info 3: Search engine optimisation plays a huge role in obtaining your website as one of the search results. Your SEO expert helps you to design your page in such a way so as to position your website in the top list for any relevant queries.

Info 4: User experience on a particular site is evaluated by the number of clicks and the time spent on the page. When a user bounces back from the site in minimum or no time, then that particular website is considered as irrelevant to the query.

Info 5: This mismatch can occur for various reasons. Improper titling or links on the website, peripheral information which usually talks little about the query, fraudulent website that merely promotes ads.

Info 6: Positive user experience can be perceived by the number of sharing occurred, the frequency of bookmarking, view on inbound links, and return visits in minimum time. All these actions by the end user indicate high ranking in search result.

Info 7: Besides fetching positive user experience and high ranking among search results, these factors also indicates and defines the quality of the website.

Info 8: A website considered to be highly informative and relevant today can be irrelevant in the next few days. It doesn’t mean that website has manipulated its data, but for the very fact that the content and the links in the webpage are not updated and so no longer serves the purpose.

All the points that are discussed here reveal you the factor to be considered during search engine optimisation and SEO Service Melbourne, platinum SEO stands out of the crowd by offering better service to its customers.