Digital marketing is now the main area of focus of every business. Whether you are running a hospital, owner of any franchisee, running a school or whatever it may be, and digital marketing is useful for each and every business.

However, apart from digital marketing there are many other ways that can be used to increase the brand presence on the internet and sometimes in case digital marketing doesn’t work then these are always there to help you. Let’s learn about some of the methods that can be really useful when digital marketing fails to generate desired results:

  • Podcasts are really beneficial
    Podcasts are really beneficial for business. The ones that are developed based on the topic of customer’s interest are more popular. In simple words, we should know about the interest of our customers who are using our products and services and then based on that interest, podcasts are to be prepared.Increase Brand PresencePodcasts have a good Google ranking and it also allows to create perfect virtual relationship with the listeners. As per an expert Chris Rowe “Podcasts are highly effective in achieving the success targets in terms of getting more traffic as well as maximizing conversion rates.
  • Publishing a book
    One of the well experienced ways is to get a book published for any interesting topic. This will help to gain authority online as well as offline. It helps to build good relationships with the readers and thus you will be ahead among your competitors.
  • Adopt multiple methods
    Selling a single product, won’t work on the internet. You need to have multiple products. Also, various options to share that product should be available like as sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other such popular SEO channels.
  • Always highlight Social Responsibility
    Every business be it small, medium or large business enterprise participates in some or the other way for doing something good in the society like as providing donations to Non government organizations, trusts doing noble cause, planting saplings, educating poor children and lots more.Customers are eager to know about the social responsibility carried out by companies they are engaged with. So, instead of just marketing our own brand or product, it’s important to highlight the work carried out as a means of social responsibility.This encourages customers as well as readers to stay connected with the company and as a result smooth relationship is developed between the two.
  • Make smart use of Sales Patterns
    Every year we make a report about how much sales we did and what strategy was used to get those sales. It’s necessary to properly gather the data when we need to deal with various customer patterns.This changed pattern can be observed when we take a look at online shopping behaviour of any customer. For one single product purchase, a customer will browse the shopping sites from its mobile, laptop, tablet and every type of device it has to access the internet.When looked on such pattern, we can get good amount of information about the likes and dislikes of the shoppers. This data is useful to develop a customized display pattern which will be useful to boost conversion rates.
  • Make most use of emails
    Generally, we don’t pay attention to our emails. Emails are mostly overlooked and this is where we are missing an important part. Emails can be made more attractive and can be a good source to maximize conversion rates.So, next time when you send any email, make sure to add some value to it so that it can bring more customers.

Wind Up

With these six effective ways, it’s easy to make strong brand presence over the internet and adopting any of these or all of these will surely help to increase conversions. Yes, if you have any more ideas apart from these, then feel free to share with experts at Platinum SEO, one of the esteemed companies rendering Best SEO Services Melbourne.