Psychology and the human needs go hand in hand, especially after the remarkable work of Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of needs, categorizing human needs into psychological, safety, love, self-esteem and topping the pyramid, The need for self-actualization. According to Maslow, people are motivated to fulfill certain needs and in satisfying those needs move on to satisfy their needs of higher degree thus heading towards an ideal way of living.

Maslow further goes on and elaborates his model by adding cognitive, aesthetic, transcendence needs during the 60’s and the 70’s.

So, now how does this model relate to social media? Here’s how:

Hierarchy of Needs and Social Media

As and when a streamlined company adopts social media in marketing they also seek to fulfill a hierarchy of needs.

  • Realization:The very first basic thing is creating awareness and cognizance in order to get the visibility in the marketplace. Social media is a great channel to endorse and create awareness for the companies looking out to make waves in the ever expanding marketing world.Eric Qualman, the American author of Social comics, rightly said, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is, how well we do it.” At the awareness level in the social media hierarchy, the main motive is to try and sign up followers in order to create an audience for their tweets, updates, and posts. These posts are kept simple with a direct link or a direct promotional stunt that is easily sinks in the audience.
  • Elaboration:The Hierarchy effect is created once the audience is targeted and created in order to amplify the message by passing on to their followers who will further pass it on to their followers, this will continue till the message picks up pace and has a life of its own and goes viral.
  • ResearchAfter amplification, when the content goes viral through social media the marketers make sure the content is made available where the customers are looking for it. By making content available on social media the marketers are making sure the researcher finds the right information at the right place.
  • Communication:Social media is mainly about sharing ideas with people. So, for companies it’s necessary to carry on timely interaction with people and solve their issues. Communication is important to keep business smooth and simple on Social Media.
  • In creasing Brand Awareness:Another stage is to spread the word about the brand, make it renowned. This can be done easily with social media. The updates about company must be posted via tweets, status updates as this will make people aware of what’s going on in business and where its progress leads.
  • Evaluation:Evalutaion is important to progress as this helps to improve and increase productivity, and social media helps the marketers to improve their marketing and social media strategy. Since it’s a two-way conversation in the social media, appropriate feedback is provided and the companies can make necessary changes in their leadership efforts and also work better on the conversations they have with their esteemed customers.

Wind Up:

So, now we can see that beginning from developing a customer business relationship till its end and progress, Social media really plays a vital role. So, in these days one who avoids this platform is really avoiding a biggest opportunity to progress ahead.

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