We can see SEO as a game where you can find something like this: With backlinks, you can get certain page ranks or this many shares can bring you at the top and many other if and then statements like this can be available. However, websites must be optimized keeping in mind Google’s end goals.

Google aims at providing value to its searchers and the maximum value searchers get the more they will use that search engine and it helps them to generate more revenue from that advertisements as well as they get more exposure to other services.

So, your SEO strategy must be user centric and they must have a better SEO experience in turn it makes Google more popular. The links are something like this:

Google search Engine      Your Website      Visitors viewed & got converted into customers      Your website got revenue      Indirectly the reputation of Google as a search engine increased.

SEO is to be looked upon as a practical perspective and must not be looked as a number game where x likes will give n number of rankings instead efforts must be made to increase user experience. Some of the factors that Google takes into consideration while reviewing any website:

    • Navigation: Websites must be easy to navigate
    • No. of clicks per page: A single click must take visitor to the desired page making it smooth for visitors to surf pages on the internet.
    • Loading Speed: Your website must get loaded at least within 3 seconds.
    • Content: The king of website – content must be qualitative enough and must contain relevant information useful to the visitors.

So, now again you will have a question whether website design plays a vital role in increasing page ranks or not?

Let’s answer this question:

Effect of website design on search rankings:

Design is the key part of any website that attracts visitors. Can websites with poor design get ranked high because of good SEO strategy? Such situations never occur. If your website design is poor then you will be surely on the back foot.

So, develop a website design with a goal to publish the important content on the landing page, site loading time must be less than 5 seconds. This extremely helps in reducing bounce rates and last but not the least, navigation should be as easy as travelling in an aeroplane.

So, now we can say that SEO & Web design are interrelated, in fact both are two sides of the same coin. If one is weaker other will not be able to provide valuable results.


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