As discussed in our previous article SEO and Web Design are two sides of the same coin. This shows how important web design is to your business. Design is the thing that helps people to take decisions whether to purchase things from your website or not.

In case your website design is not as per the latest trends then it leaves a perception that your business is unaware about the latest trends and so your business won’t be able to meet the buyer’s needs. On the other hand, if your website is having a modern, user friendly website design then this will leave a long lasting impression on your customer’s mind resulting in to increase in your business.

Design is the main thing to be focused on as this is the main pillar that presents your business to your customers. Don’t design just to design; use it for presenting your business. Try to achieve the purpose for which your website is built.

Here, we will discuss about the website trends that badly affect your business:

    • Slideshow: Slideshows are really distracting as no one is interested to click on those images. The main aim of the web design is to convert visitors into customers and this is what you want to do with the website.So, design each and every website element accordingly. Slideshow focuses on multiple points where as customers must be pinpointed to buy or opt in and more things apart from just purchasing your services or products such as providing reviews, sharing purchase experience etc. Our design should compel customers to do what we want them to do.
    • Image centric Design: A simple yet elegant web design with text over the image. It looks attractive as well as depicts the entire business to the customers but is unable to explain the business in detail. So, this is irrelevant.Always try to design your website with the images that are relevant to your business and focus on your business Avoid filling the space with unnecessary and improper web images that don’t correlate to your business.
    • Pinterest Layout: If you wish to have a competitive web design then look at the pinterest web design as it serves to be a perfect example of the web design, particularly designed for business.However, this layout doesn’t work for every business area; those who are selling products on their website for them this type of layouts are really disastrous. So, design for website layout keeping in mind your business category.
    • Take Away: If you can think like customers and know the exact needs of your customer base then you can definitely create a web design that caters the needs of your customers and once you become successful at this then your customers will definitely do what you want them to do and you can ultimately have a website that will really for you.

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