Google AdWords have built specific tools, earlier this year, to the needs of large scale campaign advertisers. They call these tools “Tools for the Power User”; also these tools are built to help their advertisers for reaching their goals.

Next few months they will be developing many tools for better experience of their customers. Ad Customizers, is their first tools in a row from many that are coming.

Real time creative texts at scale:

For the advertisers who have many products, with big descriptions of every product, promotion of these products can be difficult. Ad customizers is letting you to show relevant ads to your customers, also that ads are in real time, even if you have millions of products, these can be changing every day.

All customers of ad customizers have some extra space storage allowed to them, also they have dynamic ad for every their customer, and make their ad at an incredible rate.

How Ad Customizers tool works?

Ad Customizers tool is using many inputs, such as information about your business so with that information this tool will can generate very relevant and timely ads. This information you can give to the tool inserting them to a spreadsheet. This tool needs information like prices of the products, promotion timings, and which ad is relevant for a specifying keyword or a topic. This all information are going in to the new section of Google Adwords “Business Data”, in the shared library, there it can be stored and when we need for ad it will be used automatically by this tool.

Google Adword Interface
After you done this with all information, you will need to ask ad customizers about those parameters that you wish to include in your ads. This tool will automatically take product information and it will make dynamical ad for every different customer, it will take that what is much relevant for him. This tool is very helpful, and it also saving a time, and it’s helping you to deliver a powerful add to each customer which is very good customized, every time when they see your ad.

Driving success

There are many ways to have a success with help of using these customizable text ads. With this tool you can

    • Get connected with your customers– With this tool you can create different ad text for each customer, there will be many variations of ad text, so you can show most relevant ad to each customer
    • You can show real time actions– You can inform your customers when it’s finishing some promotions or something like that.
    • You can optimize workflow– This will help you to create relevant ads without copy and paste, this tool will create ads automatically for you.
    • Getting started– With this tool you will spend less time, and also you will have very relevant ads for every potential customer. So you will have more chances to get conversion with help of this tool.

Wind Up:

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