Google Maps was launched in 2005 and since then, it has become the most popular online mapping service in the world. Today, we use them every day to get directions or have a street view of certain places which is used as an in-car Sat Nav.

Google Maps have much more to offer along with various hidden features that makes the service even more useful. If you really love to use these then here are some of the well known tricks of Maps that you may not be aware about.

However, now after reading this blog; you will be aware of those. So, let’s begin:

Amazing tips and Tricks of Google Maps:

  1. Back in Time: Google Maps features Standard maps as well as 360 degree panorama images. The Street view service was launched in 2007 and now it has become one of the popular features of Google Maps.Street View is used on daily basis by many of us. Still, we can say that there’s a feature that one may have not seen any-time before. With this Street view, one can easily travel back in time.

    In order to take a trip through ages, just launch Google Maps on your desktop, choose a location and then enter into Street view mode by dragging a small yellow figure onto the particular map area that you wish to explore.

    When the panorama loads, there should be a Window in top left with Current Location. Under the address, you will find there’s a small clock logo and date. Click here and you will see a new pop up with a slider that will show you how the area has changed in recent eight years.

  2. Avoid Rip off Data Roaming charges: Google Maps is a perfect companion when heading abroad however viewing a map can end up costing a fortune. Maps use lot of data and while loading one means you will be hit by your mobile’s network data roaming charges.Here, you can add any area of the world to your phone to view offline. Once any area is downloaded then you can access various turn by turn driving directions, find specific destinations and gather useful information about local places.

    Amazing Tips About Google Maps
    If you wish to download the map on your smartphone, just search for the city or country and then tap on the place name at the bottom of the screen and then press download. Another way is to tap three lines in the top left of the screen and then select “Offline Areas” in the menu and press “+” button.

    Once it is downloaded, Google maps will move into offline mode automatically when it recognizes your location with spotty service or no connectivity. As soon as it gets connectivity, it will switch back online and hence you can easily access the full version of Maps including live traffic conditions for current route.

  3. Measure any Distance around the Planet: Have you thought to measure the distance between London to Sydney? This is now possible as Google Maps allow you to quickly measure the distance between any two points around the globe.Just right click on the Map and select “Measure Distance” from drop down menu. Here, you will place a new point on the map. Then click on Whereabouts in the world that you want to measure and the distance between two points will be calculated.

    In case you are planning for a long journey then you can move these points around just by dragging and dropping white dots. At the bottom of the map, there’s a footnote which shows total area and total distance in both Metric as well as US measurements.

  4. Now, you won’t get stuck in traffic: The desktop version of Google Maps has the feature where you can check real time traffic data just by clicking on “Traffic” link found in hamburger menu in top left corner of the screen.Once the traffic view loads, you can see network of different colours mapped across the roads to show conditions. A new toolbar will be seen at the bottom centre.

    Now, change the option from “Live” Traffic to Typical Traffic. Here, you can pick any of the weeks and any time of the day to help you work out the best time to travel and plan accordingly.

    It is like your own personal travel report from anywhere in the world.

Take Away:

These features make use of Google Maps really very easy. Now, it will be a child’s play to understand and use Google Maps. Let us know what knowledge you gained from this post.

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