Occasionally, we clean our home at regular intervals. In the same manner, during certain weather; it is necessary to clean our websites as well so that we are completely ready for success.

If we talk about PPC Campaigns then there’s a lot to look at, analyze, eliminate etc such as links, copies, extensions, keywords and more. You can begin with keywords. So, what things should you keep in mind while cleaning keywords.

Google Ads Keyword Research Part 2

Well, these are as follows:

  1. Analyze Campaign Structure: Begin with this. What you will check? See whether ad groups are organized as per themes, every Ad group must contain 10 to 20 tightly themed keywords.Once the structure is set, keep in mind to have relevant ad copy for every group of keywords so that those used in search get matched with those available in the ad. Searchers will get converted if what they search matches what they see.An amazing way to organize keywords is by match type which will help you to optimize and eliminate keywords having low performance.
  2. Eliminating Low Performing keywords: In order to make sure that PPC campaign is running optimally; it is advisable to examine all the keywords carefully and then remove ones that fail to perform.Check the data of previous three months and see which keyword generates what results and accordingly you can eliminate them. Now, another task is to look at those keywords that convert at higher rates and based on that adjust your bid strategies.A good strategy for effective bidding is to bid for exact matches and then phrase and broad the match.
  3. Adding Negative Keywords: Negative keywords are important for PPC success as these help to manage the resources by reducing costs for non performing keywords.Begin with Dimensions tab and then based on that prepare the search terms report which will show you those terms that people are searching for and that which trigger your ads.Once these terms are determined, use negative match to find negative keywords that are attracting irrelevant traffic to the website and this will allow you to see who can control your ads.
  4. Go for Quality Scores: Once you have evaluated keywords, weeded out the negative ones, removed low performing ones; now is the time to take a look at Quality score of each and every keyword.Those having low quality either can be improved or can be removed. Do you have low quality score keywords in your Ad copy? What match type offers you best Quality score?Do you have relevant landing page? Answers to all these questions will help you in proper keywords optimization that can be used to improve your PPC Campaign thus enabling you to make most use of your PPC efforts.


These tips will definitely help you out in removing those keywords that are just unnecessary additions to your data. We advise you to begin with Search term report in Dimensions tab in order to know which keywords provide the most quality traffic.

This information can then further be used to optimize the keyword list. So, willing to take the initiative? Start now.

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