Today, nearly 59% of customers look for local businesses every month and 54% of searchers prefer to search using zip codes as well as city names to localize search results. So, now most of the local businesses are planning to optimize their website for local search.

For most of the businesses, it is difficult to compete with the industry giants and stay in the competitive market. It is based on various factors. According to new research; well developed websites outrank small business websites.

But still, there are several number of ways through which local businesses can compete with large companies and get top positions in search results. Some of the tips which will be useful for small local businesses to boost visibility are as follows:

Tips for Optimizing Local Search Results:

  1. Take Benefit of Local 3 Pack: When any search engine identifies the local search intent for any type of business then it shows a complete list of appropriate search results for local businesses.Google’s Local three pack shows the three most relevant local business listings and here local businesses can get along in competition with huge brands. Any Local business willing to be visible in search results can grab the benefits by listing its business in Google’s My business as well as optimizing the website for local semantic back up.Here, you will have to provide your latest business information and ensure that you have the right local mark up on the website with 100 percent accurate business information which is consistent and accurate across the web.

    Optimizing the web presence for local search results can enhance the business visibility in the local pack.

  2. Make use of SEO and Paid Search Ads: Apart from using Google Local Pack, another way is to use SEO as well as paid search ads to stay in competition and beat the industry giants. As per the research, paid search advertising can boost search results.Along with this Paid search, it is advisable for local businesses to optimize their paid search results with large number of long tail keywords that can be used to drive traffic and redirect it to your website or landing pages.With a combined SEO and Paid search strategy, the keywords can be used to optimize organic content based on these words or topics.
  3. Develop local onsite content: While you develop content for your website or blog then make sure you concentrate entirely on relevant content which uses long tail keywords as well as geo modified keywords and then publish them on daily basis.Long tail keywords offer an opportunity for smaller websites to beat larger ones in search results. Hence, regular investment in publishing high quality content can be a good strategy for your business which will help in boosting the online presence.
  4. Make most use of public relations and offsite content: Apart from developing relevant content for your website and blogs; the visibility can be increased by making proper use of the combination of public relations strategy with smart keywords.By working with local media outlets; one can enhance the online presence of business on various social media sites and new opportunity can be created for high quality inbound links which can boost website’s organic results.
  5. Website must have responsive design: In order to get more traffic with the help of search engine marketing strategy; it is necessary for business to have a mobile optimized website based on the guidelines of Google’s mobile friendly algorithm.As per the research, most of the local customers arrive from mobile based sites and hence a mobile friendly website can help to increase competition for local search queries.
  6. Optimize the current pages: Your business website must already be having some pages which offers the services that are similar to the ones offered by you. So, the first step is to target any particular local market.This can be done by including the town or city in the page description and titles along with the service name. The titles should not exceed 70 characters. Add local contact details to the appropriate pages.Adding a site map is also one of the ways to boost local presence. One can optimize local page and post content by using local search terms.
  7. Know what your customers want: Recommendations, reviews and other such general feedback about your product or service are very useful in enhancing local search results.A bunch of negative reviews doesn’t matter much but the more people will talk about you the more you will be recognized in local search.So, great reviews must be used on local search pages to make search engines happier than before.
  8. Opt for Google Reviews: Yes, business reviews are important but those on Google are considered more trustworthy. Nearly 92% of customers say that they make decisions based on recommendations and reviews posted by others.So, multiple reviews can be useful especially when these are displayed along with your company name in Google Search results. This compels people to click on that link and read the reviews.
    Google Reviews
    These reviews show whether the business is listed properly on Google SERP or not. Google very well knows the value of reviews especially businesses with positive reviews. This shows that the company is entirely customer centric and fulfils all of the customer needs and must be prominently featured. So, always ask your customers to leave a review after purchasing the goods.

    Customers can be encouraged to leave review by sending a reminder after certain time period of purchasing the product. Request your customers via Google+ to leave review for your purchase once some specific time is passed after purchase.

    Always include Google+ URL to the Google+ company page as well as on business cards, newsletters and other such communication.

Wind Up:

Presence in local search is important for any business. Hence, it is necessary for every small business to apply certain ways through which local search results can be optimized easily. Following some of the tips given here will help businesses to maximize their presence in local search.

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