Are you aware about native advertising? Or are you the one among 72% marketers who have heard about native advertising from their content marketers?

If you have some knowledge about native advertising then you might be aware about the huge amount of money and energy that is used in this native advertising model. However, this does not help you to select and know when native is right for you?

And when it can help you to increase the brand’s presence? Native advertising and content marketing have lots of differences and these are highlighted here. Before understanding the differences between the two; let’s know how these are used.

  • Content Marketing: Certain content marketing agencies execute various campaigns or monthly publication goals which are hosted by clients or are used for multiple top tier publications. This boosts organic search rankings.
  • Native Advertising: When any brand performs partnership with single publication that offers premium placement of sponsored content then it is sure that the brand is making impressions on millions of visitors on the publication sites thus generating higher click through rates as compared to that of traditional banner ads.

The Major differences between these two models are described below:

Native advertising and content marketing

So, which marketing model suits your business?

While taking any marketing decision; first know the exact problem such as whether it is related to quality leads or measuring ROI. Then, grow your presence in the search results. Once you have made your strategic goals then you can discover the benefits that can be available from a combination of content marketing and native advertising. This will help you to climb the success ladder.

Native advertising can offer you guaranteed visibility in your competitive market. One can also earn certain level of trust and respect from publisher’s community. This can be something that a traditional content marketing strategy can address in such a way that doesn’t alert the audience BS meter.

Adopting an effective marketing campaign enforces audiences to offer ideas which can further get developed into qualified relationships.

Why Native Advertising is Effective?

Native advertising is usually received in a better way by target audience. The reason; these advertisements don’t look like advertisements and hence people are more interested to view them and read their content.

In traditional advertising; graphic advertisements are easily ignored as they get fed up with marketing ads during the entire day. Native advertising allows brands to easily convey their message to the target audience.

In order to be with the change; brands adopt content marketing as a means to convey their marketing messages to the target audience and due to these tactics direct links are offered to target audience.

With the lapse of time; consumers are now aware about the techniques of removing unwanted advertisements as well as marketing messages which bother them while they are deeply involved in reading any content or doing some research on the internet.

Native ads provide a very useful way to show only relevant messages to the audience. This can be seen in ad blocking softwares as well as various subscription models like as Pandora and Spotify that allow customers to pay a higher fee if they don’t want any advertisements to be displayed.

Let’s take a look at some of the Native advertising statistics:

  • Viewers spend just 1 second of time to view native ads.
  • Nearly 70% of individuals wish to get more information about products from the content instead of through traditional advertising.
  • Native ads are viewed 53% more as compared to that of banner ads.

How is Native advertising Useful?

The simple way to keep the content in front of the target audience is native advertising. We can find thousands of blogs, articles, press releases and other such forms of content available in the market. Now, here it becomes more difficult to know which content suits which audience.
With native advertising, this becomes an easy task as the content directly targets those audience for whom it is actually meant for.

Companies that use Native advertising to promote their product or brand:

  • Guinness Beer: This Company used native advertising to promote its product that is oysters. Here, the main aim was to provide information about oysters and alternatively using the same ad space to sell the beer. This means one advertisement is used to provide information as well as sell products.
  • Dell Computers: Dell used native advertising by using informative content which related to its product and with this clear relevance; Dell was able to sell computers easily and quickly to the specific targeted audience.

How SEO is related with Native Advertising?

Now days, we can say that content marketing is the most relevant form of online marketing and it has proved to be a valid method to increase brand exposure. The main theory here is SEO is moving away from explicit link building and more towards content marketing approach.

Native advertising and SEO; both are separate from each other. The former one is a unique technique to boost online marketing efforts and this is one of the techniques used to increase online presence. We can say it is just a part of your internet marketing strategy.

This means we believe Native advertising and SEO are related but actually they are not. They are just two parts of an effective online marketing strategy which helps to boost conversion rates.

Future of Native Advertising:

We can see around us how popular native advertising is. It is very interesting to see it evolving and so still how it changes the way content must be presented to the audience is a thing that we are going to see in future.

Wind Up:

We are sure that this native advertising is going to be useful to you in near future as a perfect way to boost your online presence and also to offer relevant content to the perfect target audience.

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