We are all aware of automatic bidding algorithms as these serve as a part of Paid search tool sets. Artificial Intelligence is now more in demand. When you think of this information and computing power that is available in every industry then we can say there are some strategic decisions as well that will always be in the hands of search marketers.

Bidding for Top SERP Position

Among this, the most valuable is Top position. There are people who always keep bidding for top position because it gives the winning feeling. It is really a good feeling to see one’s brand at top position.

How can Ad ranking impact its results? The results are as follows:

  1. What’s the difference between Top and Side? Since last thirteen months; if you take look at the data which can be pulled from Google. When you combine all the search traffic then it makes a compelling case for top placements.

    10% users click on top ads however the conversion rate here is higher and the cost per click is very less. So, what can be better? One easier way to look at it is for every 10000 impressions the top position will have 3,349% more sales with very low cost per acquisition.

    Here, branded terms have a huge level of impact to the analysis but here the idea is consumers have better branded association with top ranked ads on search result pages.

  2. Google vs. Partners: Partner network also varies. The network that offers more click through and conversion rates generally performs well as compared to any other network. Here, costs per clicks are somewhat higher.

    Google offers a better CPA by 7% for side ads and 40% for top ads as compared to offsetting the increase in cost per click. As per the recent earnings report; Google saw 2% growth in partner traffic which is 40% growth in its own traffic.

What this information is useful for?

  • Search out your own metrics. Always measuring top position is not a perfect metrics to judge the success. Knowing the building blocks that help to develop your success is necessary.
  • Know which search network is right for you. Let’s say if you have a constrained budget then it doesn’t make any sense to increase the entire keyword list to the partner network.
  • Know which keywords suit your business the most. Select the campaigns that will work best for you across all the networks. The same can be said for expanding campaigns to other search engines like as Yahoo! And Bing!

The best part here is Data. Without this marketer may fail to do what it wants. Several times before this is proved that it is the data that helps you to succeed or leads you to failure.

Such simple data can help you to uncover huge opportunities for the business.

Take Away:

So from now on; if you think about bidding for top position on search engine page results then just take a look at this post; every time you will get something new.

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