Let’s say you have an optimized page that you need to publish and here high quality content is the thing that one must focus on over most of the websites if they wish to earn traffic from Google.

At present, content quality is the prime area of focus if you wish to save yourselves from getting caught by Google Panda; an algorithm that checks the website quality. Here, in this blog post; we have covered most of the challenges that people face while writing web page copy in 2016.

So, let’s begin:

    1. Focus on the User: Content marketing is only related to users. It is time to focus on user and it is necessary to publish unique content that doesn’t have any low quality signals.In every organization, the first priority is to have satisfying web content. Low quality content can badly hinder your success in 2016.
    2. Long queries are often rewritten: The context and intent of user search must be understood. It is not necessary to rewrite the query used and then serve as high quality pages to users who successfully answer topics and examine the concepts in a very satisfactory manner.
    3. Low Quality Pages will have less chance to get ranked: Let’s say you have the perfect match of key-phrases on low quality pages. Then these pages will not have all the necessary compound ingredients that one considers for ranking high in Google in 2016.Google sends long tail search traffic in several ways such as users using voice search in mobile devices.
    4. Content Marketing is also involved in the same way: Google has different strategies and hence it has several ways to get high rankings. Hence, if your page is of high quality then it can be closely related to search query used and published by over all Google trusts.Avoid optimizing for unnecessary keyword searches.
    5. Value of Unique Content: Duplicate content & Boiler plate text are low quality indicators. Let’s say if your website has followed any of these practices then it will be considered as low quality by Google algorithm.
    6. Long tail traffic is available in the Long content form: A lot of visitors who type long tail keywords to search anything are placed on the page. Hence, Google can easily satisfy the user queries.Long form content is visible through long tail keywords. The more searchers and visitors view your site, the more you become satisfied. This can be very useful to pick up links and social media shares.It is self defeating to optimize low quality pages. The algorithms as well as manual quality rating efforts are necessary to be reduced up to an extent.


  1. How much content is needed? There’s no such limit to the amount of words or text to rank in Google.There are pages with 50 words and then there are pages with 100,200 to 1000 words.Long pages are the most preferable ones and it has lot of text. It is still focused on few related keywords and keyphrases to the page. It is useful for long tail key phrases and hence is easier to explore related terms.Every website is different. However, the most important thing is to make a page relevant to the user’s search query.

Take Away:

So, keep these things in mind when next time you start writing the website content. Let us know how these tips worked for you. Wish to know more about copy writing? Stay connected with Platinum SEO; one of the SEO Packages provider in Australia.