SEO is an industry that keeps on fluctuating from search engines like Google. Here, in this blog post; we have included tips that are a complete blend of analytics, organization and productivity practices.

So, follow these tips and set your SEO right:

  1. Develop Keyword Groups to influence your Data: This means you must create various keyword groups that reflect to things like products, features, marketing campaigns, audience segments, messaging, geographies and lots more.

    Consider developing several types of groups as this will compare various products and features as well as messaging, campaigns etc. These are not only good for comparison of internal marketing efforts but also for monitoring and analyzing competitor movements as well.

  2. Develop Content Groups: Once you have created several content groups then you must take a look at grouping your content. One of the reasons is it offers different angels on how the audience finds you and is interacting with you.

    Most of the ways that can be used to group the content are as follows:

    • Make use of same groups that you used to create keyword groups like as products, features, campaigns, geographies etc.
    • Develop groups of content from content type like as videos, white papers, case studies, blogs etc.
    • Develop content groups depending on the user flow for instance lead generation content, consideration content etc.

    This helps to make comparisons easily and see how keyword groups and traffic are driven through the content.

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  4. Always take a look at top keyword activity: It is essentially the keyword and the corresponding content which has changed the rank the most. It is necessary to keep an eye on top positive keyword activity as well as declining keyword activity.

    This shows when we are hitting the right content and the keyword combinations. It also provides alerts when there’s shift in the audience, their needs and interests.

  5. Always concentrate on Top Keyword Activity: This helps to see not only the targeted keywords but also the corresponding content which is created that is to be served to the audience.

    This data can help to boost future content creation decisions as well as improve existing content.

  6. Give priority to your recommendations: If you are using SEO & content platform that provide other recommendations then it is possible to get a list of all recommendations back.

    Giving priority to your recommendations will help you to be sane. It will ensure you that you focus on the important items first. Let’s say if you are looking for site wide ranking boosts or doing simple tasks to other team members or focusing on particular group of content or keywords.

  7. Keep a check on Competitors’ Top keywords: Social signals are good indicator of what is organically popular and important to audience at the moment.

    Most of the people pay attention on targeted keywords. The corresponding content must be served to your audience. The data may help to create content for future decisions or improve existing content.

  8. Always be in Loop: Based on your experience level and interaction with organization’s SEO as well as content efforts. One may not get directly into the platform.

    It is necessary to set up email alerts with some basic data which will offer an overall health check of the site as well as its content. Few things that must be included in daily notifications are: traffic summary, keyword activity, and recommendations summary and marketing channel performance overview.

  9. Identify your competitors: Are you aware about the competitors in your market? If no, then it is the time to do so. However, you must also take a look at the new brands that are starting to get traffic from you or the brands that are already available in the market.

    These may have shifted the focus and have gained the attention of your audience. Keep an eye on those who begin to rank for the targeted keywords used by you. Based on the correspondent content; one can catch and maintain the changes in traffic.

Take Away:

Willing to set your SEO right? Then, these tips will be useful. Let us know how these helped you. For more such details, stay connected with Platinum SEO; well known Local SEO Company in Melbourne.