11 days have crossed and New Year is all set. People now are busy in making different New Year resolutions and then there are those who wish to have flexible goals. In the beginning, everyone is fully motivated.

This is very true when it comes to content marketing because it is not the perfect strategy which offers overnight success. It is a commitment that lasts for long and which can transform your business.

It is important to understand everything about content marketing. Every year content marketing adoption is increasing by leaps and bounds. Nearly 88% B2B marketers and 76% B2Cmarketers use it in 2015.

Content marketing strategy is the one that is proven to generate desired results. As per the experts; content marketers will finally hit the main stream because now more and more people are aware about this and as a result, the competition is increasing by leaps and bounds.

So, how will you make 2016 the best year for content marketing? The ways are as follows:

  1. Avoid developing content on the base of improper SEO: One can easily develop a dedicated content marketing programme but there are things that might don’t go well because the base is not proper.

    Hence, before developing the content; it is necessary to check the site structure and identify issues if any. A weak content architecture and spammy inbound links can actually reduce the chances of content being more popular.

    It is advisable to check the site’s SEO health before actually making the content live on the website.

  2. Visual Content is more preferable: Videos are more preferable nowadays. Visual platforms are the need of the hour. This makes us understand that the importance of visual content.

    We can say that Instagram seems to be ahead of all other platforms when it comes to engagement rates. In 2016, continued growth will be seen in the field of content marketing.

    You will see a good combination along with interactive content which is full of mixed media storytelling that includes graphs, data, video, images and audio.

  3. Always keep in mind the metrics that are responsible for rankings: Following a thoughtful strategy is necessary this year as compared to measuring success and failures that go hand in hand with various steps

    Focus on important points which contribute to the sales funnel. All the efforts are to be tracked in a different form. Hence, it is necessary to remember all those Key performance indicators that one must look at and are the ones that reveal the effectiveness of the complete content marketing system.

  4. Know the SEO shifts that take place: Always keep in mind the basics of SEO fundamentals before framing the content marketing strategy. Also, know the shifts in technical SEO that are necessary in 2016.

Several other things that matter are as follows:

  1. Voice Search: Mobile searches overcome desktop usage and hence these become an overarching theme in this year. It is seen that more algorithm changes can take in response and hence mobile optimization will be the key along with complete focus on content creation which is developed for semantic, long tail keyword phrases.
  2. Local Search Market

  3. Structured data and Rich snippets: In this year, it is time to take a look at structured data with appropriate tags behind the scenes on your web pages. This offers a chance to get higher click through rates and rankings.

    With the announcement in latest year of Facebook’s agreement with Google, it allows some indexing of the content in the organic search results in the near future.

    Social posted content is used to carry independent weight and SEO value.

  4. Use Episodic Content: Consumers get easily attracted towards small contents. The main challenge is to know whether this will work for the strategy or not and hence it will be easy for audience to look for opportunities for various episodic contents.

    This increases the creative production and storytelling along with major engagement and loyalty. Be it videos or user generated content or podcasts, episodic content continues to grow in volume in 2016.

Wind Up: So, have you developed a perfect content marketing strategy? Do you like to use it for improving your website’s presence? Then, this blog post will serve as a perfect guide for you.

Let us know how this blog post is useful to you. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned with Platinum SEO; one of the best SEO companies in Melbourne.