During last ten years, digital marketing has consumed the market share of traditional marketing. Few centuries’ old marketing tactics still return the highest on investment and branding is one of them.

Branding supports online marketing efforts of every business owner till the time business owners know how to leverage it. Brand name affinity increases search engine optimization in three different ways:

  • Drive direct traffic
  • Indirectly includes it in algorithm
  • Draws links in a better manner as compared to non branded content.

One can leverage the brand in order to get more traffic, leads as well as sales thus persistently making your brands marketing efforts.

Making Your Brands Marketing Efforts:

  1. Getting Direct traffic: Some users visit your website via the queries they type in or with the help of link from social media channel. Other links arrive from websites that are linked to your sites.Here, we can see those channels that are useful in generating original traffic for small business.

    Top Channels
    Direct traffic tends to get second largest amount of traffic apart from just organic ones. When business owners and marketers tend to use their social content, blog posts and directory listings with their brand identity as well as values, they think of online surfers thus leading to boost in traffic.

    Many times you might have found yourself scrolling through Facebook just to see the product that you will purchase some day. At first, you may not remember the company name but then after seeing it daily, you will memorize the whole product.

    Next time, when you want that product you will directly search it in Google. Just type in the URL and Google will show you the website. The attributes must be unique and must target a well defined consumer market.

    The key to brand success is combining brand values with that of your customer.

  2. Google and its indirect brand evaluation: Consumers understand a brand via consistent messaging, Google works its algorithm to understand what a brand has to offer and to whom it is to be offered.The search engine watches queries and then sees where they go. Sometimes, people will flood your sites for particular search terms that attract search engines’ attention.

    A strong memorable brand attracts links from other websites and links are a top factor in determining PageRank. Your brand’s broadcast across the internet leads to mentions as well as links on other websites.

    Follow links are stronger indication of authority however Google doesn’t ignore nofollow links as well as unlinked mentions of brand names. Online & offline marketing work together hand in hand for developing brand and get maximum traffic.

  3. Branding builds Reputation that attracts links: Search engines have made it clear that any links that come back to any site must be earned via quality as well as useful content.This seems to be a proof that relevant websites wish to share the content in order to enrich readers’ experience. Getting links is a rigorous task as this includes various tasks such as calling bloggers, asking for reviews, sending press releases to newspapers as well as online publications and more.

    Purchased links indicate poor quality content. Google loves its own brand and wishes to provide best information to its users.

Take Away:

Surfers wish to know what exactly they should read. If any firm has a recognizable brand name and if any website owner is looking for a site to link to then it is more apt to link to a company with reputation.

Reputable companies are likely to produce more of well researched content as well as useful information in order to keep their own brand name polished.

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