Ask anyone that you wish to increase your website traffic and you be redirected to “Google Adwords”. Yes, it is the most effective tool through which you can boost your website traffic.

In case, your website traffic is managed in very poor manner then chances are there that you lose much of your money. Today, we will showcase some of these mistakes that may be a hindrance to the efforts that you make in your Adwords account.

Well, before we actually take a look about these mistakes; I guess you all are aware about what exactly “Adwords” is. In simple terms, I can explain it as a tool that can help you with several ideas through which you can get a boost in your website traffic.

So, now when you get the ideas, you create a campaign and when you run that campaign, you start getting results. In case you make any mistakes then the money is wasted without any results.

Let’s take a look at what can ruin your efforts:

  1. Even when your products are out of stock, your ad is still visible: At times it happens that you fail to stop your ads and they keep on running even when you have no products to sell.This will definitely cost you more without any return. In case, you have larger inventory of several thousand products then it is really hard to keep the track of what is available in the stock and what is not.

    It is a smart way to manage inventory and automatically pause the ads when they are not in stock.

  2. No Granular Accounts with Adverts for every product: Developing incredibly granular accounts which target adverts at various category pages is one of the important ways to achieve success in Google Adwords.If you write ads for every product then you can invest more in high click through rates and conversions because various shoppers searching for similar products are late in buying cycle.

    Let’s say if you have huge account of thousands of products and you have new products going in and out of stock then this can seem to be a daunting task.

    Here, you can make use of “Inventory Aware Campaigns” which will help you to create ad groups, adverts and keywords for all products automatically with the use of pre-defined templates based on the data which is available in Google Merchant Center.

    With this strategy, companies are able to increase their conversion rates by 50% and CTR by 26%. They saved nearly 38 hours by using this automation.

  3. No social Proofs to your advertisements: Reviews are the great ways to develop trust in your brand and then get more real estate on first page of Google search results.As per the study, nearly 61% people read online reviews before making a purchase. There are two main ways to gain trust and positioning – using seller rating extensions as well as review extensions.

    Google Advertisement
    Seller rating extensions are five star ratings which appear alongside your adverts in Google search results where as review extensions are another ways to add social proofs to your ads.

    In order to add review extensions, you must an independent review published on a reputable site.

Take Away:

Next time when you use Adwords and feel that your strategy is not giving you desired results then try to find these mistakes and if you have made any one of them then you can easily edit them.

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