When we think about SEO, then automatically Google comes into our mind. As now days, SEO has become the synonym of Google. But how really can Google updates and tools be utilized to improve your website’s SEO or develop your brand on the internet.

We all prefer Google to search something or the other and when it comes about internet marketing, everyone tends to follow Google guidelines. Utilizing the free tools that Google offers makes your SEO campaign more strong.

One of the best ways to utilize Google’s internet marketing strategy is to make proper use of Google+ that is a social network similar to Facebook. With changes in technology, updates are also made by Google in the internet foundation.

This gives birth to new interfaces as well as new features that attract the visitors. Google’s image search update makes it easy for people to search images they need.

Google’s Image Search Feature:

This feature is very important for business owners as it provides an opportunity to increase the reputation of the brand name and also allows people to search the images. It is a fact that images make a deep impact on the minds of people and like as we search other things. In the
same way, we can enter search terms to find images.

With this image search, Google has provided an extra value to its users and this image search is more useful for internet marketers. So, here are some new SEO techniques that will be used for new Google image search.

Build Brand Image with Google Image Search:

Before building brand with Google image search, it is important that you know about your industry in depth and also have a deep knowledge of products and services as well as other practices of your field.

It is easy to stay updated with the latest trends of your industry and you can easily do this by just subscribing to the blogs that are related to your product update or anything that is relevant to your business.

Furthermore, to stay connected with the latest news of your industry it is important that you must share your thoughts on social media sites like Facebook. You can also post comments, suggestions on others blog post as this will help them to improve in a better way.

Another thing is to keep an eye on the popular blog of your niche and you will see that the blog has images that actually depict what is written and then using that picture you can identify more info with the help of Google image search.

Keep Your Website Safe with Google Image Search:

Always stay away from websites that are using black hat SEO services and never attempt to associate your website with theirs. With the help of Google’s image search feature, you can easily identify the websites that are using malicious or illegal SEO services and stay away from them. Further this feature also helps you to identify fake profiles and get disconnected from them.


With this feature, you can develop your brand presence as well as prevent your website from getting associated with any illegal SEO websites. So, hope you will definitely use this feature and check your connections. Our upcoming blogs will have lots of details about other such Google features.

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