The usage of smart phones has increased to an extent as people need to access internet, answer emails even on the go. So, they always are in search of a device that gives them perfect internet connectivity.

At present, we are not discussing about the type of device we use but we are here to discuss about developing responsive websites and how they really help your business progress. Recently, as per a survey; responsive websites tend to give more SEO benefits as compared to normal ones.
Hence, we decided to do some research and confirm whether the said statement is really true or not. So, we are here with our results that confirm the reality of this statement and so we did an in depth study as to what benefits do responsive websites really provide.

SEO Benefits from Responsive Websites:

So, before discussing about the SEO benefits; we would like to throw some light on the word “Responsive Website.”This is needed because some of our visitors may be really new to this word and for them we may be first to clear the difference between normal websites and responsive websites.

A short intro to responsive or we can adjustable websites : Websites that have certain coding which enables to get them resized with each and every device such as mobile, tablets, desktop, laptop etc without affecting the quality are known as Responsive websites.

In simple terms, a single website can be accessed any time anywhere and there’s no need to get separate websites developed for each and every device. This saves a lot of time and money as single website can do multiple tasks.

Hope this has cleared the idea about the responsive website and their importance as well as
usage. So, let’s quickly discuss about its SEO benefits:

    • Responsive websites highly preferred by Google: Google always wishes to help its visitors in the every better way possible and so it highly prefers responsive web designs as well as mobile optimized websites as these help people to do more search and even on the go. Ultimately, Google is benefited.Further looking from SEO perspective, Responsive websites are more preferable as compared to mobile optimized ones. This is because responsive website has only one URL which can be used everywhere and this makes easy for Google to crawl the useful websites.
    • Reduction in Bounce Rates: With the use of responsive website, the similar content is used everywhere and this really helps visitors to get same information on each and every device resulting in to increase in website visit time. This means people tend to spend more time on your website. So, the bounce rates automatically get decreased.
    • Advanced User Experience: Genera-lly, the main purpose of any website is to share the content and so it should be easier to find the content on your website. With responsive web designs, appealing modern websites can be created to attract modern users who prefer to use internet on mobile and tablet with the same ease as they use it on laptop.


Being responsive is one of the best ways to provide smooth surfing experience to the users. To develop and design responsive website for your business, contact web developers from any reliable web development company like Platinum SEO.