Will you be happy if I say tomorrow you will be having double sales than today? Oh! Yes, definitely you will be because who doesn’t want to earn more; who will not love to have more customers; every business owner will.

How about if you are able to recognize the days on which there are chances for you to earn bountiful of cash? Well, this can be possible if you are aware about the purchase patterns of the customers that include how and when customers tend to purchase more; how you will be able to identify the needs of the customers.

Yes, we will discuss all it here today and help you to bring a boost in your sales.

A plugin that helps you to discover purchase patterns:

A well known search marketing company has developed an amazing Adwords reporting Dashboard which offers accurate Google analysis along with different analytics reports that have details based on device including hourly search query as well as purchase patterns and also geo level customer distribution analysis.

It is a plugin developed in Google Adwords that offers additional data which can help brands and their agency partners to boost the efficiency as well as returns of search marketing campaigns. It will help in making several changes that can save a lot of time which can then be used in creating and analyzing reports as well as budgets divided to analysts in order to get insights from search marketing data.

To prove its worth, an eCommerce search was conducted on Valentine’s Day and with the help of this plugin LXRPlugin; certain data was analyzed like as buying patterns of people of different age group, time and date of purchase, top search queries as well as device-level analysis.

After continuously tracking search patterns; the data revealed that more searches were conducted by women as compared to men. Men spent more on giving which 31% more as compared to women and it increased by 20% more in 2015.

The top searches conducted by men includes keywords like as “Valentine day gift ideas for girlfriend”, cute valentine gifts, gift for valentines’ day while that conducted by women includes keywords like as Valentine Day gifts for bf, cute valentine day gifts for sweetheart etc.

Among these, 70% gifts were purchased before 5th Feb; purchases by men were on peak till 3rd Feb while those done by women continued till 10th Feb. The mobile device orders rose to 49%. 39% purchases were due to SEO; 19% by paid search, 15% affiliates, email 11%, retargeting 4% and all other generated from social media sites, referral networks, word of mouth publicity etc.

Take Away:

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? So, would you like to have such analysis for your product purchase patterns? Then just have this plugin installed. You can get the detailed information from Google.

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