In 2005, Google came out with its analytics services and today it has been one of the popular web analytics services used by people. Anyone involved with websites finds it easy to understand as to how metrics can be analyzed.

Marketers must seem to get benefitted the most from these web analytics services. Talking about the design, learn something from this data as well. With Key metrics; one can make web designers aware about how properly the site is received and whether the website is able to keep the visitors engaged or not.

Top Website Metrics

Important Website Design Metrics for Web Designers:

Web Designers can learn lot of things. Here are some metrics that mostly we forget and these are as follows:

  1. Conversion Rates: It is one of the important metrics for marketing staff. Web Designers ignore this even though it is one of the useful metrics that shows the website performance. Conversion doesn’t mean sale.

    It can be a simple registration, signing up for mailing list, becoming the member of loyalty programme or creating an account or any such action that business owners want visitors to perform.

    So, the thing is if visitors don’t get converted to your site then some fixes are to be done in the website.

  2. Visitors Flow: When a website plan is developed with the help of any well known Web Design Firm; we often assume the visitors flow through the site till the conversion page. However, the reality is completely different; visitors rarely follow the path that we thought of.

    They may reach the homepage via any search engine or any blog post which was shared on social media or even reach directly to the product or service page. Hence, it is necessary to track visitors’ flow as this will show us how and from where visitors arrived and from which page they left the site.

  3. Time Spent on every page: Average time spent by a person can show us few things. Let’s say most of the visitors spend more time on home page; this means they got deeply involved with the content or they may have difficulty in finding the way to go to another page.

    If on one page they spend very less time then chances are there that they might not be able to find the exact content as per the need or they easily reached to their destination. Assumptions can be made based on this data and when we look at the average time spent on a page along with the visitor flow then you can get better idea of what is exactly happening with people when they navigate through the entire site.

  4. Top Pages: This measure is used to find the best performing pages of any website. It is necessary to know the pages with maximum popularity as this provides you real time data which shows what exactly attracts people to your website.

    On another surface, it seems that there’s another area where more marketing efforts are to be used and actual web designers can also assist here as the content on the page is the one that actually draws visitors towards the site.

    Decisions made based on the data serves to be one of the popular business terms. If you wish to take time to dive in then you will get all the necessary information that is used to examine website performance.

    These metrics can be used for A/B testing so that you can determine how visitors will respond to.

Take Away:

Website is developed for a specific purpose and hence it is necessary that the purpose is fulfilled. It is necessary to understand the trends to know what works the best. Hope these metrics will be useful to you for measuring performance of any site.

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