Mistakes are often made by human beings. Be it an expert web designer or a beginner, mistakes happen by everyone. Thinking inside the box and ignoring the mobile users, one can learn a lot from the mistakes made from you as well as other web designers.

Mistake of Web Design

Mistakes made by designers while developing a website:

  1. Different experts have different views about the mistakes made. As per an expert; one of the most common mistakes is to get quickly inspired by web designs. One gets easily attracted by the website look.

    The design inspiration comes from good looking websites and most of the expert web designers’ fall into this pattern. It is a challenging task to create an app that is meant for food search.

    Another huge task is to develop eCommerce websites which gives a feel of the physical store. Sometimes, it gets weird and artsy while at times it can help to get new design ideas.

    Hence, it is necessary that your designs are liked by others and hence it requires good experience as well as patience so that one can get at that point.

  2. Another common mistake is to have text and elements together. This makes things a complete mess. As a result, users leave your site very soon. Clean lines and text spacing as well as elements will make it easy for users to browse your website and they will be able to stay longer and interact with the website.

    A basic designer can mess up things with more padding, margin and line height being better.

  3. One of the biggest mistakes designers often make is to constantly make use of overflow property in CSS. This overflow property is used since the early CSS days and very less things have changed here.

    But now it has been a trend among current web designers who have being used track pads, touch devices and lots more. With the recent operating systems, scroll bars come hidden by default.

    We still need to rethink about the world who are still using Personal computers or old technology devices where scroll bars were available. So, follow this thumb rule ; “ Never use overflow scroll” too much as this will end up in adding vertical as well as horizontal scroll bars irrespective of their need.

    Instead of this; use “overflow –y: scroll” for vertical scrollbars only and “overflow: auto” for those scroll bars where they are needed. A useful way is to combine “overflow-y scroll with “web kit overflow scrolling” that can be used for smooth, momentum scrolling on iOs devices.

  4. Creating a website is equal to designing any other mode of communication. Creative process doesn’t have any shortcut and the toughest part is identifying what you want to say and revealing it into compelling way to say it.

    As soon as you have initiated the creative process then there’s a common mistake done by interactive designers and this is dividing the design part and the technology part.

    It is very easy to develop some amazing looking static pages in Photoshop and then handover these to any developer. Exploring the technology angle along with creative approach is necessary to develop a great website which is sets apart from the normal ones.

  5. Apart from this, most websites take more users’ time. This can be in the form of slow loading pages or aggressive advertising including pop-ups and overlays, dark patterns and other such deceptive practices.

    Most of the web users are inundated with maximum information and hence it is up to us as Web is for users and hence they must be able to get information quickly within short span of time.

  6. A big blunder is to consider website design as Print design. Most of the designers create websites that look as good as .jpeg files having beautiful images. This takes real talent and foresight to make sure that same layout can sparkle when display proportion is stretched a little bit.

    On the other hand, print design is static and can be controlled tightly whereas web design must be based on super flexible system which includes all user cases that are available with modern internet.

Take Away:

So, these were the web design mistakes that are often made by web designers. Hope this blog post will help web designers to develop error free websites. For more such guidelines and tips; stay connected with Platinum SEO; a well known web design services provider in Melbourne.