Every time, we keep talking about creating a professional website but is this sufficient? The answer is No. You need to have a website that is able to attract buyers and get as many customers as possible. So, how will you have a website that will be able to get more traffic?

Here we have mentioned some of the creative ways that will definitely help you to add value to your website and make it reliable. This will really bring spurt in your website traffic. Many times, it is seen that the website is having good conversion rates but still it lacks the number of customers and here reliability maximizes the chances of getting more traffic.

Some of the ways to give value and reliability to your website:

  1. Get Relevant Customer Testimonials: Whenever any new visitor is on your website, what first he will look for is customer testimonials. So, it is important to have customer testimonials displayed on your website.Many people keep fake customer testimonials to lure buyers and sometimes this may badly affect the business reputation. Fake testimonials can only be taken if you have the ability to do and provide the exact customer service as mentioned in the testimonials.So, always prefer to have real testimonials from your actual customers and if you don’t have one then please be patient till the time you get a perfect pleasing appreciating testimonial from any customer.Now the thing is you visitors will know whether the testimonials are real or fake ones? In order to specify this, it is important to get those testimonials certified. One way to certify them is to provide an indirect link to the writer’s blog or website with a bread crumb path.

    Another way is to get your testimonials certified by well known companies like “Vouch for This”. They send an email to the author of the testimonial and when he/she acknowledges those testimonials then they are marked as certified or uncertified as per the reply given.

  2. Make Your Website Social Media Proof:
    Generally, for humans the opinion of others is important. So, they eagerly view the feedback of others about that product and then they will decide whether to purchase the product or not.In order to showcase your social media proof, you must have a social media badge on your website which is as follows:

    • Face book badge that shows the number of likes and fans.
    • RSS badge showing subscribers
    • Twitter badge to show your followers.

    Now, before getting these badges it’s important to have the number of customers and maximum number of likes on your face book fan page and also your RSS feed subscribers. Revealing these on your website will definitely help you to get more visitors.

  3. Know the demand of customers from Customer Feedbacks:
    With the help of customer feedback , you can understand what exactly your customers need and then you can start providing them the products or services accordingly. Sometimes, chances are there that you get an excellent idea for your business.This will also give you a perfect idea about the market. So, customer feedback is really important.

Take Away: With these tips, you can definitely make your website as creative as possible and add value to it. In order to get more such tips on how to increase website traffic then you can get in touch with Melbourne based responsive website design and development company. Please talk to our Platinum SEO experts about this services.