So, we all know by now that Organic SEO strategy is the most preferred one by search engines. Today, we are going to discuss about the ways that will help you to develop an organic SEO process. These will definitely help you to get good page rankings as these are highly preferred by search engines.

We have seen many people who just use spammed or unnatural content in order to maximize their page ranks. This is not at all acceptable by Google and other reputable search engines. Certain websites use unnatural content which only leads to increase in bounce rates.

Following the right SEO strategy will help you to stay away from such worries. We have included some appropriate techniques that will always provide you perfect SEO strategy that suits your business need.

these are some of SEO strategy:

  • Bring Variations in Your Content Size & Structure: This is the most important way to post contents of different length like in one month; you can post contents of 500 words, 250 words and various other lengths. The content should have a density of up to 1 to 2%.It is advisable to provide small articles that include primary as well as secondary keywords. Create an attractive content by adding bullet points and some of the well known quotes from certain resources. Blog posts with images tend to attract more customers.
  • Include External Links in Your Content: When we talk about SEO, we always focus on inbound links and we hardly think about external links. But external links are quite important as linking to the various popular websites such as Wikipedia can add value to the content as well as our website because visitors will get in depth information about the topic which will provide them a better user experience.But, before publishing the external links make sure to check them with any link checker tools as those available with word press as this will help to prevent broken links on your website.
  • Forum Posting & Blog Commenting are Important: Directory submissions, profile linking are some of the ways to promote your website. Some other important ways include forum posting and blog commenting as your comments have the enormous power to increase your website traffic.So take time to read other’s blogs and comment on them. It is recommended to leave comments and do postings on forum websites that have more traffic. Just an hour per week is enough to search for the websites of your niche where you can post your comments.
  • Build your links at regular intervals: Quality back links definitely serve the purpose but never try to cheat search engines by posting huge number of back links within a couple of days. Follow the rules and post only as required. For example, 50 links in a day are enough but if you post 2000 then you are likely to be considered as spammer.

Take Away:

So, here we are concluding the discussion regarding organic SEO and we seriously hope that these tips will definitely help you. For more SEO discussions and tips, visit Platinum SEO, a Melbourne based reputable SEO Company.