During last few years, we have seen a great spurt in the field of Enterprise Mobility and slowly it is becoming a top priority for many business owners. In the recent year 2014, this sector will have a very high impact on the companies which cannot be ignored. So, what’s so special about this? Why this has been so popular? Let’s discuss about it here in brief.

In a nutshell, Enterprise Mobility allows staff members to access the required information even on the Go. This increases the productivity and profits. So, it will make a huge impact on the companies:

here are the latest trends of Enterprise Mobility 2014

    • Analyze and Access Management:
      In this year, 2014 companies will focus mainly on authentication and identification processes as these two are the most important ways to protect company’s confidential data. The major factors of this Access Management are as follows:

      1. One time sign in: Now employees or we can say particular users will not have to sign in into the system again and again as with single sign in, one time sign in process is required that helps to get the data as and when required.Sometimes this becomes very tedious in case the passwords are too long and hard to memorize and often when it becomes difficult to enter the long passwords from small touch devices.
      2. Flexible access Control: An easy to protect the data and avoid anyone from signing in is to use the various behavioural patterns which consist of contextual details that are difficult to remember.
      3. Privacy: An important thing that must be considered while identifying the location of a person because sometimes don’t want others to know where they are.
    • Creating Enterprise Apps: Gone are the days when people preferred to work with the apps that were already available in the market. Now days, companies prefer to get their own enterprise apps created which will include all the necessary things they actually need.Custom Applications tend to boost the employee engagement as well as productivity.
    • Proper Administration of Mobility Services: In recent times, everyone wants to adopt mobile friendly strategies. This has given rise to properly administered mobility services. 2014 will be a year of tough competition between IT and non IT companies for the want of managed mobility services.
    • Bring your own Device (BYOD) or Choose your own Device(CYOD): Certain companies are still using the former BYOD system and the later one is the new to the industry of device management. So, what exactly CYOD is ?CYOD is a system that reduces the complications or problems that occur while managing the devices. So, this system will very soon be adopted by various companies.

Take Away:

Enterprise Mobility is always essential for companies and it is going to be more popular in the coming years. So, if you are a company that has not taken its advantage to till date then you are far back from the world. It’s not too late start adopting this technology now in a completely well planned manner. For perfect guidance related to this, be in touch with Platinum SEO – a well known mobile application development company in Australia serving people in the industry since years.