In the new era of open market place; customer experience is of prime importance. Today, customer expectations have increased to an extent and those brands who fail to make proper use of social media platforms are considered as obsolete.

Today, customer era is changing. As a result, ways through which brands and customers connect have also changed. Nowadays, social media has become the channel through which online population can easily communicate with each other.

There are several brands who consider social media as the only perfect channel to offer proper customer experience. Social customer service always carries such risk to brands that are willing to take the risk.

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Slowly, the mode of general communication is changing over most of the social media channels. This has changed the way customers interact with the brands. While in the past; social media was considered as a malicious advertising tool.

However, with new technologies; it has now become a way of internal engagement. Overall, brands have proven new capabilities through which they can show up for their customers on such channels.

What is the Future?

Social media is today considered as the best way to get connected with the audience as well as do marketing. However, it is still in the progressive stage. Facebook Messenger has 700 million users and it is still growing.

We can see websites having live chat solutions so that it becomes easy to communicate with customers. While we can also see that Facebook Messenger is the channel that is used by most of the customers.

This platform shows the types of messages that can be sent thus making it easy for third parties to progress ahead. For such third party developers; installation is from directly the user who downloads your application.

This means they become the audience preferring your brand as well as using Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger for business is a good tool to be used. It provides personal unified customer experiences along with the entire customer history.

Invoices, receipts, queries and order confirmations can be accessed simply with fewer efforts. Hence, apart from just Facebook; Twitter too has the direct message feature for brands which can offer them a personal experience for offering resolutions.

After Twitter, Instagram is yet another channel that can be used to enhance the brand awareness among thousands of customers. Today, Instagram has near about 400 million users.

Keeping this in mind, especially for most of the brands; Instagram has launched a strategic partnership programme. This makes the perfect sense. It has more engagement rate as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

New Expressive Social Interactions:

This new partnership feature rolled out by Instagram shows that social channels serve as a good means for customer and brand engagement. Among the 400 million users, there might be your customers who are already using this channel.

They love to tag their friends and find new products or brands. In this era of customers; those brands who wish to follow the customer preferences tend to use this preferred service channel.

Media based engagements with proper hash tags tend to leave bread crumbs for their brands so that they can easily find influencers. One can easily discover more opportunities for offering aggressive customer service and know the recent trends.

To be authentic is the main key to attract and engage with the audience. One must show value and then join in the conversations which are currently taking place on these channels.

People get connected with each other in a unique way. Similar to “Like” on Facebook; people tag friends in the photos and images and this is one of their favourite forms of communication.

The Instagram tagging is visually appealing and entertaining with low efforts. Instagram involves users to seek their creativity and boost up personal brands thus attracting others to follow and like their posts with relevant hash tags.

With Technology; Empathy and convenience can be easily connected:

To move away from more traditional service channels like as phone; the service experience has less human touch. However, convenience seeking and mobile happy world needs humanity where it belongs.

You can listen to the human voice at the end of the phone line. This is possible only with the help of technology which connects the empathy in a meaningful way. The agents can be easily available to provide empathy to the customers which is required for quick resolution and quick response times.

Wind Up:

Hence, with these social media channels; customer experience is improving by leaps and bounds. Today, in this internet world; these channels have become the prime focus for various brands.

So, if you too are interested in boosting the consumer experience then start using preferable social media channels.

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