Like as many other social channels, Google also has undergone various changes in the New Year like as followers on Google+ dropped down. This announcement was just another indicator that B2B marketers can focus less on activities which are directly related to Google+.

It is just one of the changes that Google made in the past year considering search updates, product announcements and other such organizational changes. It is actually impossible to stay updated with every announcement made by Google.

However, some are such that need more attention than others. So, here in this blog post; we will highlight only those key developments that were made by Google in 2015 and how these will be useful to B2B professionals in the long run:

Changes in Google:

  1. Downfall of Google+: The champion of Google+ Vic. Gundotra resigned from Google and this led to the downfall of Google+; a social networking platform. Later than, Google started separating its users from Google+ and then promoting its platform activity.

    This no longer requires YouTube commentators to use Google+ before they sign in. This led to the removal of Google+ posts in the knowledge graph and hence it was eliminated as a social extension from Adwords.

    So, from now on B2B marketers; must reduce their efforts and invest less time in Google+ activities. Yes, maintain a professional presence with proper company information in your Google+ page and its related profiles.

  2. Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines: Later in November 2015, Google released new search quality raters’ guidelines that are developed to help Google quality raters for examining the complete accuracy in Google Search Results when running test experiments.
  3. This guide is not a complete recipe for quick rankings in search engine results. It just provides information about factors of a web page and the website that Google views as quality.

  4. Smart Goals for Adwords Advertisers: For several organizations who don’t measure their website conversions due to lack of time or technical assistance; Google came up with Smart goals in December 2015.

    These are used to help Adwords for measuring advertisements in a perfect manner. Google uses machine learning over thousands of websites that use Google Analytics and it is opted in to share conversion data.

    With this search engine can distill several key factors that are likely to be converted. Most of the B2B marketers, struggle to convert and connect the dots between Adwords activity and conversion.

    This can be an alternative mechanism to measure performance. However, true conversion tracking is always necessary. Smart goals can be effectively measured before completing activation.

  5. Mobilegeddon: Among all the algorithmic updates; Google’s mobile friendly search update is one of the most requested from clients. Mobilegeddon is the Google’s algorithmic update which was launched in April 2015.

    This was released to check the mobile friendliness of the website because most of people surf internet on their mobile devices. Hence, Google made it compulsory for all the websites to be mobile friendly so that they can get good rankings.

  6. AMP Page Integration Announcement: Google made an announcement in early December that AMP pages must be integrated into search engine latest by February 2016.

    This technology was tested with few publishers however by late February; everyone will easily be able to use AMP. B2B marketers must plan accordingly as AMP pages may get a ranking boost as well as unique label designation in search engine results.

    Mobile Page speed plays an important role in search engine rankings and hence it can provide similar search engine scenario that is developed to boost AMP page adoption.

  7. Google supports Structured Data: Today, Google doesn’t use structured data for ranking. B2B marketer must make sure that this may impact the organic search visibility as well as click through rates. Google develops a complete set of guidelines for structured data recommendations which they will recognize and display in search results.
  8. Structured Data

  9. Change in the name of Google Web masters: In May 2015, Google changed its web masters name to Search Console. This is not an important one however we thought this must be included in changes made by Google.

Wind Up:

Apart from this, there are few such changes that took place in Google. Hope this blog post will be useful for B2B marketers and then will easily be able to make proper marketing strategies in 2016.

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