Day in day out, constant evolution takes place in the techno world. With constant changes, it is important to optimize the website and update the SEO strategies to keep getting positive results. The major change in today’s techno world is increase in the usage of smart-phones.

We can see over 60% of adults having smart-phones. With this increase in the number of users, it became important for business owners to develop a responsive website as well as get it fully optimized. Gone are the days when people used to access internet only from desktops, in recent times internet is accessed even on the go.

People have access to the internet from various devices such as tablet, mobile, iPhone, iPad, smart phone etc. SEO techniques differ from those used to optimize a website for desktops and those for mobiles.

Well, mobile SEO is not as similar as Website SEO; there are some basic differences which must be borne in mind while optimizing any website for mobile. Websites accessed on mobile gets loaded slowly as compared to laptop, some images are not visible clearly on mobiles as they are on laptops.

The main aspects that must be considered are Google’s search results. Websites that are not optimized for mobile may get fewer rankings in search engines while those that are well optimized are promoted the most.

So, how can your website be optimized and as responsive as it is on desktop? Few of the factors must be considered while optimizing websites of mobile:

  • Keyword Research: Search words used by mobile users completely differ from those used by desktop users. The search includes time, location, website content structure etc.
  • Website Content: Mobile website content should be simple, precise and those who look for some specific stuff don’t prefer to scroll much or take time to find things. Your content should be developed in such a way that your website should be found easily.
  • Load Times: Develop your mobile website as user friendly as possible resulting into less loading times especially when a most important page takes too much time to load, users may get frustrated and may leave your website before reaching the exact page.
  • High Bounce Rates: Know your website’s bounce rates by checking the time that users usually spend on your website. For instance, one may click your website URL, stay there for five minutes and then leave; another may leave in 30 seconds. The lower the bounce rate, the more effective your website is.

With these points in mind, we are sure that you will be able to properly optimize your mobile SEO and achieve higher rankings in Google search results. Still in confusion or need more guidance get in touch with us at SEO Company in Melbourne – Platinum SEO Services, that will definitely help you to achieve success.