With use of social networks increasing day by day, it is important to know the advantages of each and every social networking site. When it comes to social network, the image of Face book, LinkedIn etc flashes in mind yet there are some other networking sites that are very much useful.

Today, we are here with one of the well known social network known as “Pinterest”. It is very popular still people are unaware as to how this can be best used for increasing their online business. So, we decided to spread the knowledge and widen the scope of using Pinterest for business.

Let’s start:

Pinterest Essentials:

At a glance, Pinterest is a board where you share images, posts etc. Before you start using it ; make note of things required to be perfectly active on this social network and don’t stay dead there. So, the first thing needed is “a perfect active online customer base”. The more the audience, the more followers you will have for your images and posts.

Developing a credible community is another important thing to be considered before entering into Pinterest. Start gathering your audience first, then develop community and then start using community management activities on Pinterest.

Choosing Pin Board Topics:

It must be known what topics must be pinned to get more visitors. Assume that your business and consumers are one and the same. Note down their demographic details such as likes and dislikes, favourites etc and this will help you to choose topics for your Pin board. Express your pins very effectively by good content.

For more ideas, you can have a look at your competitor’s pin boards or any other business similar to you.

Let’s make this clear with an example: Suppose you are having an umbrella manufacturing company where you produce varieties of umbrellas for people of every age. Now, you want them to sell globally. So, you must have good attractive images with you, you must also have certain umbrella collections from other countries.

You can pin these images on Pinterest and also re-pin it. Then you can describe them with flowery language to make it more visual. This means while reading any umbrella description, the buyer must actually feel that he’s using it and loves it a lot.


This is not the end, there are many more things that must be considered while using Pinterest yet these are some of the main things to be taken care of, especially for a newbie. So, want more assistance? Get in touch with Digital marketing Professionals at Platinum SEO, reputed Melbourne SEO company.