Infinite Scroll is widely used in web design. It has become one of the popular website features and is used to offer completely unique experience to the users as well as stay updated with the current digital trends. This infinite scroll must be adapted with the best SEO practices.

Let’s see the necessary parameters to be considered for making this Infinite Scroll SEO effective

Infinite Scroll SEO Effective

    1. IndexingWhile using infinite scroll in the web design, the main issue faced is about indexing. This is because Google doesn’t allow Javascript download for displaying the content which is shown beneath a web page.So, when a search engine displays our web page, content is the first thing that will be shown to the visitor without scrolling. With a view to solve this issue, Google must be able to identify the overall website content so that it can properly index the website and improve visibility among the internal pages. This can be easily done with an interlinking strategy.
    2. Using interlinksInterlinking is useful to boost effective indexing of website pages as this allow Google to actively crawl internal pages and this will ensure that the website’s domain authority remains high.
    3. Proper Page content divisionFor making the interlinking strategy effective, it is necessary to properly divide the content among the web pages. This makes easy for Google to crawl among all the web pages and it is necessary for the users who haven’t activated Java script on their web browser.A typical classic navigation system supports Google to access content of the entire website and as a result, the website appears to be normal in the search engines.

How Infinite Scroll can benefit the website SEO?

The use of infinite scroll will not improve any website’s SEO Performance however it is useful in optimizing the conversions based on the objectives of the website. We can easily understand this with an example.


We may be very well aware about Time Magazine, it’s bounce rate was reduced to 20% by using Infinite scroll. This is because when the users entered the website, they used to go through the entire website content irrespective of changing the pages for multiple times.

As a result the chances of viewing all website pages increased and a surety occurred that anytime a visitor will arrive he/she will definitely go through entire website content. The bottom line is to make website navigation very easy for users so that they don’t feel bored and just reviewing the pages, they can review the entire website content.

Wind Up

We can say that adding infinite scroll to the website will help to reduce bounce rate to an extent and maximize the content views as well as page views. This is more useful for websites whose main source of income is advertisements. With infinite scroll, conversions can also be increased if the website follows best web development practices.

So, now if website indexing is not powerful then also with Infinite scroll website views can be increased as it gives more weight to web pages thus achieving conversion goals. Hope this blog post will help our readers and for more such assistance about SEO features, get in touch with Platinum SEO, provider of cost effective SEO Packages in Perth.