Content marketing and Search engine optimization are both different. These are not mutually exclusive but when they both work together in a team then can work wonders. Well written content strengthens the SEO of any website.

It is necessary to have human assets which are appealing to human readers as well as acceptable to Google.

So, here are some best SEO practices that one must consider for writing good quality content. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Best SEO Practices for writing exceptional SEO content:

SEO Optimized Contents

What you think while you write the content? What is the motto of your content? Are you writing to provide some good information to the viewers or you are just stuffing the articles with keywords in order to get it noticed by search engines. What is your purpose of writing the content?

Whatever the purpose is; always keep in mind that while writing SEO content “Audience should be at the back of your mind”. This means whatever you write; make sure it is useful to the audience in any way.

So, here are some tips that can help you to write such content which will be helpful to users:

  • Touchy Title: What is that will make audience eager to read your content? It is the content title. It should be so interesting that readers are tempted to read the entire article. I have seen several articles on the web which lack good information but have amazing titles.

    No, I am not asking you to do such things but yes the content title should be really catchy and to add to the interest, include the information that matches the title. This will create harmony in the content and the readers will love to read it.

  • Topic should be Interesting: Search for the topics that interest audience the most. So, it is advisable to focus on current news, useful tips as well as those points which readers are interested the most to read about. One can also take some creative approach.
  • Use proper format: Make sure to write the content in such a manner that it becomes easy to understand it. This means including white space, using bullet points to highlight important points, writing short paragraphs (max 3 to 4 lines each) and using sub headings in the content.
  • Use keywords wisely: Don’t over stuff your content with keywords. This can lead to over optimization. Further, use only those keywords that are relevant to the niche and these should be used with a keyword density of less than 1 percent.

    This means the entire content should contain only one or two keywords. Also, one can find such topics which serve as keywords in such a way that it must get aligned with writing.

  • Make use of links: Always link appropriate piece of articles on your website or blog. These should be relevant and it is also good if you include external link to any authoritative site.
    This will help audience to get in depth information on the relevant topic.

    So, if possible include links that can provide them relevant information about the topic and enhance their knowledge.

  • Include a call to action: This is very important because after all the ultimate goal can be achieved only if call to action is placed properly in the content.
  • Use appropriate meta description: Always include a perfect meta description which contains the perfect information about your business. So, write a perfect meta description which consists of keywords as well as relevant information about business and that too within limited characters!

So, the overall conclusion is your writing must provide some value to the readers and it should be clear, descriptive as well as adding value. Such content is considered as perfect SEO content. Next time, when you are going to write the content; try to rewrite it according to the tips given here.

We are sure that you will be able to have the content of enhanced quality as well as the one that leaves a long lasting impression on the readers. Hence, try to adopt these tips and boost your content quality.

Wind Up

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