Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world which has more than 1.23 billion users and 62% of them are daily users. With these numbers, Facebook is expected to stay around for a long time. It is important for individuals and companies to make the most out of it and use Facebook for marketing purposes. One of the best things about Facebook as an advertising platform is that it allows users to target specific audiences. Users can be targeted according to demographics and interests.

How to use Facebook as a marketing tool?

Facebook has three advertising tools which can be effectively used for marketing over the internet. These tools are described below as following:


Fcebook LikeThe pages on Facebook are like profiles especially for businesses, organisations and celebrities. Users have the option to either like or follow the page to receive regular updates. Becoming a follower requires the mutual consent of both the page creator and the user. However, in case of the page like, it can be initiated by the end of the user himself/herself and it is not dependent on any sort of approval from the page. One of the best things about this advertising tool on Facebook is, it is free and easy to set up. However, to make a user habit, it requires the organisation to put in a lot of effort.


As one of the biggest social networking platforms in the world, Facebook inhibits the potential of an advertising platform. With the help of Facebook, users can cover different geographical areas, ages, educational levels, individuals, devices etc. Once the ad has completed its time, they can be removed from the platform. One of the advantages of choosing advertisements over Facebook is that it has a powerful targeting parameter. With Facebook, a specific set of people or population can be targeted. However, before opting for these ads, one should keep in mind their budget and make a choice accordingly.


The groups on Facebook are similar to that of discussion forums. People across the world can join and discuss specific topics, products or services. Companies can create a group on their own and use it as a medium to stay connected with the customers. It is available for free on the internet and it can be conveniently used for staying in touch with the customers.

Marketing with Facebook pages

Facebook pages are indeed one of the simplest ways following which products and services can be marketed on the internet. To enable users to conduct marketing effectively we have a short guide below:

Marketing Facebook Pages

  1. Profile picture and cover image: One should think about their profile picture as a product placement. However, the choice of the cover image entirely depends on the user. One should choose something that is going to enhance their page and bring value to it.
  2. About: This is placed below the logo. It gives the company the chance to tell everyone about themselves and their page. Make sure to put in relevant information here so that it can inform people about you and your company.
  3. Tabs: They are little sections or squares which are placed just towards the right of about section. Facebook allows the user to place up to 10 tabs. Think about your priorities or customer preferences and then choose the tabs accordingly. For example, if you have a physical store, putting in location tab is the first and foremost thing to do.
  4. Post useful information: Keep posting useful information regularly. As it is going to appear on the news feed of the users, they will get to know about your company.
  5. Ask questions: It is essential to keep users involved and one of the best ways to do it is to pose questions and award prizes. This is going to attract the users and keep them involved in your page, products and questions.

Facebook facilitates target advertising

Facebook AdvertisingThe innovation of target advertising with Facebook has brought a revolution to the market. This method has brought a huge convenience for the companies. Now, they can focus on their specific targeted area instead of opting for a general approach. Hence, if companies are aiming at targeting a specific location, they can do it easily by using the demographic feature available on Facebook. If you have different locations to cover, you can set up different ads for different locations and achieve profit.


It is well evident that Facebook is one of the most revolutionary advertising tools in the market that can be effectively used for the progress of the Platinum SEO Services and for increasing their customer base.