It’s good to stay updated with industry and be aware about all updates. Especially industries like SEO keep on updating on daily basis and this is one of the reasons why people associated with this field always have a question “What’s new?”

The answer to this question is the remaining part of this blog post. Today, we will discuss about a new Facebook feature known as Riff. What Riff exactly is? And how is it useful?

Riff: New Facebook feature that allows make videos.

Facebook is basically used to chat with friends, have fun with them etc. Keeping this thing in mind, Facebook employees invented a new feature called Riff which is used to make videos with friends and allows to have unlimited fun. This feature was introduced on 1st April 2015.

How does it work?

A simple way to start using riff is to start creating video. Just give it a topic like # Sweet Sundays and then this video can be viewed by your friends and they can also add their own clips related to that topic.

Once any other clip is added to any video, that video will also be shown in Riff and it will also be included in the Riff. The entire group of friends can add respective clips which can make it a memorable one.

Hence, a simple and short video can be a place of entertainment for a group of friends. This video further can also be shared on Facebook as well as everywhere on the internet. Certain different videos are added in Riff for people to see them. A really new way to create videos on Facebook, Riff can be easily available on Google Play store.

Can Riff be used for business?

Till this time, it’s not clear whether Riff can be used for business or not. Yes but it can be an awesome way to know what exactly people want and it is one of the ways to enhance Facebook video creation for business.

Still Facebook has tough competition with other video apps like JumpCam, Vyclone, MixBit and SnapChat.

Introduced by Facebook

Hence while using Riff there are certain rules that must be followed which are as follows:

  • No video uploads are possible, only video shoot is possible with Riff. The clip can be reviewed before posting and unfortunately no multi shots are possible and no video editing can be done such as those available on Instagram.
  • Likes or comments are not the part of Riff. The aim of Riff is to get maximum contribution from people.
  • Videos can be forwarded like the ones in SnapChat stories.
  • Your videos can be available in Public. Still Riff has some features that uses video threads on its home page to get more users.
  • While posting a Riff Video on Facebook, whosoever has contributed to the video will be tagged automatically in it.
  • Riff is available on iOs as well as Android all over the world and now it will be available in 15 languages like English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Polish.

Wind up:

Let’s see how this Riff can create its reputation in the minds of people as till now consumer products developed by Facebook have actually failed. Let’s hope for the best. To know more about news of Social media giants, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Packages Perth at cheapest rates.