We all know that HTML 5 is used for website coding. Certain myths have emerged about HTML 5 that are necessary to be cleared particularly in terms of SEO. Here, in today’s blog post we have covered few of HTML 5 Search engine optimization myths.

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Search Engine Optimization myths about HTML5

HTML5 is considered to be one of the well known programming languages useful for creating the website codes. For latest HTML version, marketers and SEO professionals are really confused as to what exactly works with HTML 5 and these myths are now a part of web development. Let’s have a look at some of them and reveal the hidden truth.

  • HTML 5 doesn’t increase rankings: It’s a myth that websites developed using HTML 5 are tend to get less rankings and some of the digital marketers feel that it has negative effect on digital marketing efforts. Is it really true?

    Truth: If used properly HTML 5 is very useful in SEO efforts in the same manner as previous HTML version. HTML5 has some special elements which makes it easier for search engines to quickly understand the words hidden with the elements.

    However the new semantic elements are the tags that define the page layout and easily describe the content.

  • HTML5 is not recommended for videos: Even today some webmasters love to use flash when it comes to adding video in a website. Flash is now outdated but still website developers opt for it as they consider HTML 5 incompatible for video.

    Truth: The real thing is HTML 5 has some features that actually makes videos SEO friendly and using various tags one can add additional explanation in the video to make it more SEO friendly. With HTML 5, one can make proper use of captions, tags, subtitles on video content.

    Instead of using ALT tags, tags can be defined in HTML 5 with captions as like those in old newspapers.

  • HTML 5 allows usage of only one H1 tag: Till today, no one is able to make proper use of h1 tags and this has created much confusion for web developers as well as SEO experts and this also continues to be a mystery with this new HTML 5.

    Truth: Making best use of H1 tags within the document is necessary and beginners can use more than one H1 tag and based on the content if it’s necessary one can use H1 tag for several times.

    As per the rule of thumb, for every new section separate H1 tag must be used and instead of repetitive use of H1 tag, one can make use of header tag as well. So, if your content needs more headings then you can make use of H1, H2, H3 tags and more.

Several other reasons why HTML 5 is good for SEO:

Apart from those discussed here, there are innumerable myths seen for HTML5 with regards to SEO. However, the truth is completely different and as per the reality, mark up has many benefits which helps to rank the site in a better way.

From code validation to increasing the website speed, HTML 5 was designed to help web masters as well as search engines understand any website in a better way. Hence, avoid such negative illusions about HTML 5 and instead do some research to know the reality.

Wind Up:

Hope this blog post is useful to identify the need of HTML 5 and uncover all the hidden truths that actually broaden the perspectives of its usage. So, now HTML 5 is not an enemy but it’s the only SEO friendly programming language that can be used to develop any website.

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