We are very well aware that Google keeps on updating and changing its search algorithm and this changes everything. Every online business owner or the person who is having a website should always be ready for such sudden changes and save some marketing efforts for the same.

Well, before getting prepared for Google’s latest updates it is necessary to know about the main goals of Google. This helps us to align our goals along with it and play with them so as to achieve what we want.

Google is always thirsty and hungry for Quality. So, while preparing any information or content it must be qualitative enough to impress the search standards of Google’s algorithm. This also helps in attracting visitors towards your website as well as developing a good group of followers.

If your website has the quality that Google wants then there are possibilities that your website will be among top search results. As the more accurate search results people get, the more they are likely to use it again and a feeling of trust is developed.
Keeping this in mind; you will be able to meet the standards of each and every Google update and won’t face any difficulty. Now, today we will provide some details regarding author Ranks.

What are Author Ranks?

While searching for something on Google, you will get some links related to search results. Now, some links are in first few search results and some are at the end. So, how those that are at first really got the chance to be there?

The answer is really simple as they are the authored listings. What’s the difference between normal and authored links? We can make this clear here. Authored links are those that contain image along with text. Generally, they are available at most of the times in Google search rankings.

This is a very little yet useful change as people are likely to go for the one that includes text with images. This makes a huge difference in various search listings. From now on, based on author’s credibility as well, the search results can vary. This helps in rendering more ranks to the reputed and well known authors. So, how will you create your own author rank to get the significant amount of traction?

Developing Author Ranks:

We will show you to get best benefit of this new Google update and be prepared for author ranks. First of all, you must keep in mind the things that Google considers to point out and choose various website say social media, content marketing, website rankings, back links etc.

Now, think of your website as an individual author and follow these tips:

  • Identify the number of back links developed that direct visitors to some of the web pages written by authors.
  • How many times an author’s post is shared on Face book or Google plus.
  • Reputed publications of that author or anything that shows its reputation on the internet.
  • Availability of author in Google plus circles.

So, once you have these things with you then it will be easy for you to build author ranks and in no time you will be adapted to Google’s update known as Author Rank.


Provide your maximum contribution to Google plus, get involved with more people and one more thing take care of your quality as this is the main pillar on which Author ranks are determined. Adopt these techniques today to get more benefits and for more such latest updates about Google, be in touch with affordable SEO services provider in Melbourne – Platinum SEO.