It is unanimously believed that SEO is the best tactic by which we can get more traffic to our website. However, as day-by-day latest technologies are invented, the scenario has changed completely. Now, we can easily think beyond SEO by which we can enhance our web traffic. Growth hacking is one of the most effective ways which helps us to generate leads, push users to share content with their friends and acquaintances and also measure and increase the quality of leads which we are receiving.

But we should have plenty of knowledge regarding which hacks are beneficial for us and will help us to increase website traffic and gain more leads. Below, we are mentioning some growth hacking which we need to apply if we want to get more traffic.

  1. We need to keep the homepage signup to minimal: Lot of studies claimed that, if a site is able to keep signup page to minimal then we will certainly get more sign-ups.For example, if we visit Dropbox or Netflix, we can conspicuously notice that they have very minimal homepages. These sort of homepages are utterly effective at generating more sign-ups. That’s why Dropbox possesses so many users.
  2. Trade resources for information: If a company can offer e-books, videos or webinars showcasing of industry expertise then this will definitely help us to gain more visitors to our sites. This is a very fruitful and effective method by which we can increase our traffic.
  3. Survey our users: Surveys are very worthy and precious tool which help us to get more traffic. These day’s markets are crammed with many effective surveying tools. Qualaroo is one of the powerful tool which produces useful data so that we can improve our lead generation. If we ask a question to this tool, then we may get several answers which help us to uplift our web traffic.
  4. Building efficacious landing pages: Usually, landing pages are the basic entry points to our site. A survey report from HubSpot claimed that companies which expand from 10 landing pages to 15 pages are getting 55% more sign-ups than the others. The content of the landing pages should be unique, cogent and compelling enough so that they can entice the visitors easily. We should not try to use duplicate or repeated content in the landing pages else we will lose the traffic and moreover, this will also tarnish our brand value too. If we are able to direct paid ad traffic to these pages, then we will get much traffic as these pages have much higher conversion rates than the home page.
  5. Get traffic from slide share: This is one of the powerful ways by which we can improve our web traffic. Usually, slide share presentations are a great way to complement our website content and hence, we can drive massive traffic towards our site.

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